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Splash of Pink 2016

Splash of Pink 2016
Abingdon turned pink once again today, Saturday 24th September 2016, as Abingdon based Charity ‘Against Breast Cancer’ held their annual Splash of Pink Day.

Mr Hemmings Traditional Morris Dancers were there to entertain as were other local community groups, and the timeless Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
Splash of Pink 2016
There were lots of volunteers helping. Some were having pies thrown at them for donations.
Splash of Pink 2016
The Abingdon Fire Brigade were letting children explore the fire engine.
Splash of Pink 2016
There were lots of cakes, and stalls, as in all the other years when there has been a Splash of Pink.
Splash of Pink 2016
‘Against Breast Cancer’ fund research, and say on their website ‘The ultimate goal of Against Breast Cancer is to prevent secondary spread, which is the main cause of breast-cancer related deaths.

Our research addresses critical gaps in scientific resources and knowledge to help doctors diagnose and treat breast cancer faster and more effectively, and to understand factors that increase or reduce the risk of secondary spread (read more here).

Developments along the Faringdon Road 2011-2016

Faringdon Road
There has been quite a transformation at the car park entrance to St Helen and St Katharine School from 2011 to 2016.
Faringdon Road
First there was the building of new science centre, and this year a new sports centre has grown up.

Abingdon School, further along the Faringdon Road in Abingdon, has seen a similar transformation with the addition of a sports centre, and a new science centre.

Broad Face – New Chapter

Broad Face - New Chapter
The scaffolding is down. Work has been going on at the Broad Face before the new people open up. Thanks to Spike A for sending these pictures which show it is looking good.
Broad Face - New Chapter
I hear that it will open as a traditional pub doing meals. We look forward to the new chapter in this well known pub with its long and colourful history.

Incredible Edible Abingdon – Year 2

Last year (in 2015) Edible Abingdon took root behind the Outdoor Pool kiosk.
Incredible Edible Abingdon - Year 2
This year the vegetable plot moved to some old-style recycling boxes beside Old Station House.
Incredible Edible Abingdon - Year 2
Four months on from the first picture there are carrots, a lot of tomatoes, various herbs, beans, possibly courgettes, and a few I cannot identify. All part of a Carbon Cutter Initiative called ‘Edible Abingdon’. The aim is to create a herb and vegetable garden that is attractive and productive, organic, and wildlife-friendly, and in the longer term to reduce dependence on imported food, and encourage community growing.

This evening, at St Ethelwold’s House, there was a talk about ‘Incredible Edible Abingdon’, and discussions where to take the vegetable plot next year.

Abingdon’s one star Crazy Golf

One Star Crazy Golf
Reviews on Tripadvisor say …

The crazy golf is something from the past, cracked surface and nothing crazy about it…

Miniature golf falling to bits
Having lived here on and off since childhood, I can honestly say the mini golf has not been updated since then.(over 30 years)!

Here is a video of the ten holes they are talking about. All of them are to be removed to make way for a more exciting play area – whatever the latest consultation decides upon. So are any of the holes worth saving? Vote for your favourite.