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Abingdon New Year Walk 2021

Christian Aid Walk 2021
The usual choice of two guided walks did not happen this new year’s day. Neither the Boundary Walk or Christian Aid Walk went ahead as a large group walk.

I did see two Christian Aid walk leaders checking the churches had put up their poster – with a Letter. The Church-In-Abingdon (CiA) Christian Aid Walk 2021 is ‘self-directed’ this year and can be done anytime during January. The aim is to visit 9 CiA churches and find a single letter at each church to make an anagram of a word connected with the Christian Aid’s Christmas Appeal. Participants will be asked for the ‘word’ they have found. Sponsors are invited to make a donation via the Just Giving page:
Christian Aid Walk 2021
At the church where I found the letter ‘H’, I also saw a bush called ‘Euonymus hamiltonianus’ or ‘Winged Spindle Tree’. It still has a few leaves and many capsules which have split open to reveal orange berries.

Peachcroft Christian Centre Innovations

Peachcroft Christian Centre used to have the smallest church building in Abingdon. Like churches in medieval times they added an extension that more than doubled the size of the church.

Peachcroft Christian Centre normally hold a Christmas Day lunch at Peachcroft for anyone in Abingdon who is on their own. Unfortunately, this year, because of Covid, they cannot hold the lunch.

Instead, they will be delivering gift bags, packed full of treats (edible and non-edible) on Christmas Day and wishing people a happy Christmas. The only criteria is that people should be on their own on Christmas Day and live in Abingdon.

If people know someone who would welcome a visit and a gift, please contact or 07379 469311.

After building the bigger church most of their ground was used up. They are using that remaining patch to generate energy. A channel has been dug and some pipes are sticking out. An information boards explains that they are installing a Ground Source Heat Pump. From what I can gather they have drilled two boreholes 150 meters into the ground. Each borehole has two pipes. Very cold water will be pumped down one pipe (with anti-freeze to stop it freezing) and it will return up the other pipe warmed by the earth – having gained heat energy. With every unit of electrical energy used to power the pump they get back 4 units as heat energy. That heat energy can then be used to heat the building and for hot water.

P.S Churches were back worshipping this Sunday after ther November restrictions and some lit the 2nd Advent Candle. Many use a booking system and spaced seats and face masks. They listen to pre-recorded hymns as singing is not allowed.

Oxfam reopens for the first time since March

The doors of Oxfam in Abingdon were open for the first time since everything closed for the March lockdown.

A lot of work had happened to make it Covid-19 safe. Shelves and stock have been moved into new positions to make social distancing easier. The door is left open to keep fresh air flowing.

Some of the older volunteers are performing other duties while they are at higher risk.

I was told by one of the helpers that Oxfam in Abingdon won’t be taking new donations until at least the new year.

Most of us have lost track of developing countries given that even developed countries have been suffering a pandemic. Money raised goes to support people in developing countries and emergencies.

Abingdon Lions got more requests for help this year but with fewer opportunities to raise funds

Abingdon Lions
In a normal year I would see the Abingdon Lions at a number of community events. But not this year.
Abingdon Lions
The money they raise from such events goes towards community projects. A lot of the defibrillators in town are funded by them and installed with their expertise.

Abingdon Lions have got more requests for help this year than usual but have had less chance to raise funds. People who would like to support the Abingdon Lions can do so through a justgiving page.