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Christian Aid Week and East St Helen Street Bunting

On the Market Place today, a stall was selling cakes, plants and books for Christian Aid. Christian Aid week ran from 15th – 21st May. There was some door to door collections using paper envelopes. This year there is also the Abingdon e-envelope for online donations:

This morning the people of East St Helen Street were putting up their bunting for the Jubilee celebrations.

I am not sure we on West St Helen Street will be able to match them, but we will see. Two weeks to go.

Quilts and Appeal

There was a quilt exhibition last weekend at The Manor Prep School, raising funds for The Abingdon Bridge and Flexicare, and showing quilts made during Covid. There are still a couple of quilts showing in the window of Mostly Books.

There is often somebody in town to do with the Ukraine appeal. That war continues to devastate many ordinary Ukrainian people. 11 million people – over 1/4 of the population – have fled their homes since the conflict began.

First Lorry Load for Ukraine

As comments have suggested, Polski Sklep Żubr Abingdon are temporarily overloaded with donations for Ukraine.

R&R have a cellar full. So they have the first lorry load to be taken by a Polish lorry to the Polish / Ukraine border.

There are other ways to donate financially from Ukrainian to Polish Charities to UK Charities. UK charities have launched the DEC humanitarian appeal. The UK Government will match donations from the public pound-for-pound up to £20 million.