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For more information about Abingdon try the town portal …

Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council
Abingdon-on-Thames has key contacts, news and events on what’s happening in the town. It also allows access to Town Council information, Abingdon County Hall Museum, and lots of history pages: people and places.¬†


Wikipedia also has much to say about the UK’s oldest continuously inhabited town and some of the strange customs that go on here.

There are links to many other Abingdon sites including some facebook pages and groups in the Links Page.

About Me:

Pseudonym: Backstreeter. I live in what was formerly called Back Street.

Log of system changes to site – This will be gobbledygook to many people but provides a change trail

18/6/2020 – Major Update

Import data from 2 bloggers and previous wordpress held at abingdonblog.co.uk/wordpress into staging area at abingdon.blog/daybyday
Run a plugin to find and fix all broken links in staging area
Remove draft and unwanted posts and spam comments

Create new site with wordpress 5.4.2 at abingdonblog.co.uk/wp2020.
Import data from staging area using WordPress Importer plugin
Install and activate Twenty Twelve theme
Add some css to place the banner picture.
Remove standard side widgets
Add side widgets for search, archive, and categories.
Add Askimet plugin – rejects spam comments
Add Loginizer plugin – rejects multiple attempted logins
Add Statcounter plugin – counts visits
Add Classic Editor plugin – allows old style editing

27/6/2020 – more reply after post
Added some css to make the reply appear at the bottom of the post

28/6/2020 – latest available php
Upgraded php to 7.4. It was left at 5.4 to keep abingdonblog.co.uk/wordpress working. Redirect any traffic to /wordpress/ to /wp2020/ using .htaccess redirect. If the old version is ever needed then remove redirect, clear images and files from cache, then revert to php 5.4.