Drama Club Walk, St Nics book and cake sale, and Oddballs Rally

The Abingdon Drama Club annual walk into Oxford left Abingdon at 11 am. The walk is organised by Kevin Thompson, author of Willy and Wally the windscreen wipers. Kevin has been a stage manager for years. The walkers included directors, actors, lighting, and sound. They usually have a drink at Sandford Lock on the way.

One of the first things they saw on the way was the other swan family, the Mill Stream swans.

At St Nicolas Church, a book sale with coffee and cakes raised money for church funds. Books were good value at 50p each and 3 for £1.

At Abingdon¬† Rugby Ground, the Oddballs Scooter Rally is on all weekend and many people are camping. On the Market Place, one scooter was parked. Others drove by, but not in the huge numbers sometimes seen during Oddball’s rallies.

Reading runs from Oxford to Abingdon

Salter’s Steamers run a boat between Oxford and Abingdon for pre-booked groups of 30 or more.

The boat came through Abingdon Lock at about 4:30 pm.

Postcards, lupin seeds, and The River Thames Guidebook are on sale at the lock. All proceeds to RNLI.

Reading carried over thirty passengers, and many waved at the children waiting to cross the lock.

The Abingdon-on-Thames swan family are still together after the swan-upping two weeks ago.

There was a training session at the Open Air Pool with lifeguards helping a volunteer who pretended to faint. After checking her breathing and her airway was clear, they left her in the recovery position.

Masons repairing Conduit House

In a previous report on Albert Park, I showed how scaffolding had been put around the Conduit House monument and suggested the roof needed repairing. Ben has sent in pictures showing some hoarding. The company are stone masons. This leads me to believe the stones are being repaired and restored.

They will use lime mortar rather than modern Portland cement mortar, as the stones can breathe and last longer with lime mortar.

Neighbourhood Plan – final three topics for consultation

The people of Abingdon are invited to comment on three more topics for the neighbourhood plan. They are:
* Travel, access and movement (A 20 MPH limit has already been requested by Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council. The neighbourhood plan has a map of proposed changes to encourage cycling and pedestrians along many of the town’s through roads. )
* Business and employment (Allow more integrated employment close to people’s homes. This is in addition to the current business parks, shopping areas, schools and health centres.)
* Families and young people (Encourage pupils to walk and cycle to school with play-on-the-way schemes and hangout places.)

People can still comment on the other three topics.

After this consultation, the neighbourhood plan will be submitted for an independent examination to ensure it is complete.

The plan would then be put forward to an Abingdon-wide referendum next year. If adopted, the plan would influence planning decisions and help set the agenda for council actions and decisions over the next fifteen years.

To comment on any of the topics, visit https://www.abingdon-neighbourhood-plan.org/.