Radley Lakes – May 2022

The pile of bricks left after the demolition of the house Sandles has been flattened. A new area for parking cars is being made for visitors during May. The car park will include an information board and, in time, be screened by a hedge.

Yellow flags brighten the bank near the road as I set off around Thrupp Lake.

Black-headed gulls nest on some small islands, and I saw them swooping and catching some of the many insects. They are opportunist feeders. Some squabbled and attacked each other for places on the islands. I only saw the one swan on Thrupp Lake.

This duck had a slipstream containing eight ducklings, keeping very close wherever the duck went.

On one of the smaller lakes nearby were baby coots. A cuckoo could also be heard around the filled-in lake near the railway.

Back round to Thrupp Lake, and the sun was going down.

These pictures were taken on Sunday evening.

1953 – Coronation Year – Percy Holmes – Mayor

At the Monday Club this evening, Helen organised a quiz. She also showed some pictures from 1953, the year her Grandfather, Percy Holmes, was the Mayor of Abingdon. Helen intends to give the package of photos to the Town Archivist. They were curled up, and I weighed them down with jigsaw puzzles to make copies of a few of interest.

Preparation of an Ox Roast for the Coronation celebrations.

Mayor Percy Holmes, carving the Ox Roast outside the Queens Hotel.

Members of the Abingdon Council with the Mayor as he addresses the crowd using a 1950s PA.

Cooling off in the Abbey Meadows Open Air Pool – at a swimming gala.

This is probably the Welfare Food Campaign with an event at the Roysse Room; some well-nourished children with a bottle of something. The campaign entitled all infants and expectant mothers to free milk, orange juice and cod liver oil. Does anybody recognise themself?

Pictures are mainly stamped on the back by H.J. Milligan, but not all were stamped. I added the words on the front to show provenance. Thanks to Helen.

Christian Aid Week and East St Helen Street Bunting

On the Market Place today, a stall was selling cakes, plants and books for Christian Aid. Christian Aid week ran from 15th – 21st May. There was some door to door collections using paper envelopes. This year there is also the Abingdon e-envelope for online donations: https://envelope.christianaid.org.uk/envelope/abingdon-christian-aid

This morning the people of East St Helen Street were putting up their bunting for the Jubilee celebrations.

I am not sure we on West St Helen Street will be able to match them, but we will see. Two weeks to go.