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Two Art Exhibitions in Abingdon this weekend

There were two art exhibitions this weekend in Abingdon. One exhibition in the Roysse Room took visitors on a journey through the art and craft created by Abingdon and Witney College’s part-time students. There was a colourful display, walls adorned with paintings and drawings, easels with canvasses, and central tables with more art, and craft.

This wasn’t just a showcase of individual works; it showed the styles from different tutors and courses, such as these from museum drawing at the Ashmolean.

There were newspapers with all the Abingdon and Witney part-time courses on offer, and people from the college to discuss the courses.

The other exhibition was the work of some local Abingdon artists in St Ethelwold’s Garden.

Most of the original art was in the larger River Room. Out on the lawn, under gazebos, cards and prints and a studio clear-out were for sale.

Supporting Sobell House: The OxTrail Charity Art Event

The OxTrail can be followed this summer in Oxfordshire. Large and miniature ox sculptures, painted by artists, schools, and community groups, are scattered around the county. See oxtrail2024

Abingdon Library has two miniature oxen.

Abi, a talented Year 8 student from Our Lady’s Abingdon School, designed an ox in her school house colours, featuring the Oxford skyline.

Radley College was inspired by the Matthew Arnold’s poem that included the phrase, “That Sweet City with her dreaming spires”.

The OxTrail is a fundraiser for Sobell House Hospice, which provides end-of-life care and support to patients and their families.

Crochet from Postbox Toppers to Passion Play Cheer:

My favorite part of the blog has been the knitted or crocheted tops and figures decorating a mailbox. They are apparently done to honor a special event or holiday. They are so well done and quite clever.

Could more of these be posted in the future?’

Sandy in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I wrote back ‘The Secret Crocheter stopped doing the postbox toppers after having two or three taken soon after putting them up.’

There are still crochets on the post box outside Tesco.

Other crochets have also appeared to publicise the Abingdon Passion Play 2024. They are lovely and colourful.

The passion play will by this Saturday, 22nd June 2024 at 12 noon and 5 pm in the Abbey Gardens.

Art week at Peachcroft Farm

At Peachcroft Farm, you are tempted by the farm shop and the cafe. But art first.

The sheep see you arrive.

Inside the barn, several artists display their work, and Susan Hill is demonstrating drawing flowers using two hands then painting them with ink and water.

Paul Minter is there explaining his ideas about art and is fascinating to listen to.

A couple of the artists, also produce books of their own poetry. The poetry is also very good as far as you can tell.

Then you sample and buy some cheese, and relax in the cafe with scones and tea before heading back. You wonder whether Peachcroft Farm can continue as a farm with houses marching in on all sides.