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More Art

Artweeks continues until Sunday in Abingdon this week. There are more venues this year. So here are a couple more. The Abbey Group have been exhibiting at St Nicolas Church.

That is Claire Cross, Margaret Horton, Marion Owen, and Dougie Simpson

At Peachcroft Farm Barn, there is a wide range of artists with quilting, ceramics, jewellery,

and lots of painting.

Within the exhibition is a trail of pieces of goose art, including this Peachcroft Goose by Trudi James. Peachcroft Farm supplies free-range geese at Christmas and have done for nearly eighty years.

Artweek in Abingdon

Artweeks has come to Abingdon. One venue is St Ethelwolds House.

Looking at the website, there are twelve venues in Abingdon, and lots more in Radley, Drayton, Sunningwell and further afield.

We visited Caroline Harber and Sandra Hoeft’s exhibition at St Ethelwolds House.

The garden room also has a view out onto the garden

Today there was also a plant sale and teas.

Abingdon Artists’ Spring Exhibition

The Abingdon Artists’ Spring Exhibition 2022 runs from Monday 21st March – Saturday 26th March in St Helen’s Church, West St Helen Street.

The exhibition features up to three works from lots of different Abingdon Artists.

Here for example are three by my wife, who is exhibiting for the first time, next to three Abingdon scenes by Clair Cross, who is very well known.

House and Home – A celebration of community

At St Ethelwold’s House over the last week there has been an exhibition called ‘House and Home – A celebration of community’.
From what I can gather, talking to somebody there, the houses have been made by students and staff from seven different local schools. 
Radley College is behind the project and will be showing the houses in their state of the art gallery.

Thankyou to Anne and Peter for letting me know and for some of the pictures.