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Registering craft and swans on the River Thames

Down at Abingdon Marina,

by the slipway, is a notice that says all craft need to be registered.

Swans are the only birds that are routinely registered with a ring. The Swan Uppers have not been to Abingdon for the last two years. There are more unregistered swans than usual.

Most of St Helen’s Wharf seems to be used by registered carft.

There was music coming from The Old Anchor Inn.

Hippy Haze may have been rehearsing. They are next performing on 6th February.

The pigeons had all been listening from the chimneys until they all flew off.

More pigeons flew down from the steeple at St Helen’s Church. All those pigeons were just waiting for the moment somebody started throwing bread into the river.

Morland Exhibition

There is a new exhibition called ‘Morland – A Family Business’ at Abingdon County Hall Museum.

There are panels with information about the Morland family and the Morland Brewery, as well as some artifacts.

Also showing is a slide show of old pub signs, and a film called ‘A Bitter End’ about Morland and Loose Canon Breweries. It was made by The Abingdon Film Unit (AFU), based at Abingdon School, an organisation that enables secondary school pupils to make their own quality short films.

First house at Abbey Fields and road name at Kings Gate

There was an article in the Abingdon HeraldĀ  saying ‘Abingdon school boy has chosen the name of a new development’ Abbey Fields. It is an excellent name. There has been excitement around the Dunmore Road area because the first houses have appeared at Abbey Fields.

The housebuilder is Barratt, well known to some of us for their 1970s helicopter adverts.

Meanwhile at Kings Gate the first houses have been occupied.

The road into the estate has been called Morgan Vale after former Mayor and Freeman of Abingdon, Janet Morgan. The Oxford Mail had an obituary.

Sirloin Steak, Pork Chops, and Bananas

The day started with frost but had turned to sunshine for the Monday Market. The market is back in full swing after the festive season. The tree has gone as have the decorations. Two Italian flags were flying. The Grimsby Fish van was there.

The butcher was calling out ‘Sirloin Steak, Pork Chops’. The fruit and veg man called back ‘Bananas.’

A lovely morning for a walk over the bridge and beside the River Thames.