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Wider pedestrian walkway on Abingdon Bridge

Campervans and caravans have returned to Hales Meadow for the summer holidays.

Minor repairs to the ancient Abingdon Bridge require the knowledge of heritage experts to proceed and this week the cones have been extended across the full span of the bridge to give pedestrians and cyclists more room.

On Hales Meadow, over Abingdon Bridge, there were spectators at Abingdon Vale Cricket Club pavilion along with batsmen awaiting their innings.

On the other side of the pitch were the campervans and caravans.

For traffic approaching the extended cones on Abingdon Bridge there is a sign that says ‘Temporary active travel lane’.

The wider pedestrian walkway is just what was needed during the first lockdown when people were going into the road, dangerously near traffic, to avoid other pedestrians coming the other way. Most of the cyclists were still going with the cars and lorries.

‘Pingdemic’ forces preacher to self isolate

At Trinity Church, in Abingdon, we are following the latest government pandemic guidance. Unlike the nightclubs seen in national newspapers we are not at the leading edge and are cautiously moving forward. For the first time people did not need to book in advance. There were more seats available but people could still socially distance. Masks were worn and the songs were still played from videos – not sung.

The preacher was pinged by the NHS Covid-19 app to say she needed to self isolate, and handed on her sermon and notes to another preacher. He began by saying “You may have heard of the ‘Pingdemic’…”

NOTE: Pingdemic is a play on words from ‘pandemic’ and being ‘pinged’ (notified by the NHS app that you have been in contact with somebody who has Covid-19 and that you should self isolate).

The service went smoothly. The sermon and notes must have been very clear.

Consultation, Countdown, and Caterpillar

The Abingdon-on-Thames neighborhood plan consultation had a physical presence under the County Hall. People can read the interim report and make comments at before the end of July. This is a chance to choose your community’s future.

The countdown to the move of the Newbury Building Society from West St Helen Street can be seen in the new branch in Bury Street.

A crochet model of the Very Hungry Caterpillar has appeared on the lid of the post box on the Market Square. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is still a popular children’s book over fifty years after first being published. Eric Carle died in May 2021.

St Helens from the air. The gospel writers from the ground

Daniel has taken some pictures over the St Helens area of Abingdon during this sunny spell at the start of the school holidays. They include some with the cockerel weather vane and lightening rod on top of the steeple.

Daniel’s video, with the pictures, is on youtube.

From down below I took pictures of the four gospel writers on the porch of St Helen’s Church.

Matthew as an angel

Mark as a lion,

Luke as an Ox

and John as an eagle.