Looking at the Town Council Notice Board

Looking at the Town Council Notice Board at Roysse Court there are some upcoming events. Art Week exhibitions are still on this bank holiday weekend.

The Friends of Abingdon and other societies have arranged Bank Holiday Walks, four at 10 am and four at 2 pm. See the big poster for the details.

On the same day, you can take part in the World Poohsticks championship at Sandford Lock, organised by the Rotary Club of Abingdon

On June 2nd, there will be Lakes and Cakes – thanks to the Radley Lakes Trust.

On the same day, there will be a new food festival for Oxfordshire. See tastetheflavours.org.uk

Not on the Town Council noticeboard, but outside St Helen’s Church is a poster for the next Abingdon and District Music Society concert – Opera Gala.

Power Cut Affects Preston Road Community Centre

A power cut affected the Preston Road Community Centre yesterday, May 22nd, 2024. The lights and other electrical systems went out at 2:09 PM. The centre contacted electricians who confirmed the issue wasn’t internal but a wider power cut.

They then reported the outage to Scottish Power. They confirmed that the power cut affected several properties in the area. Unfortunately, the power went out again at 10:06 PM, causing further disruption.

Contractors are currently working on Turner Road to replace a blown underground cable joint, the likely cause of the power cut. Scottish Power estimates that repairs will be completed by 4:00 PM today, May 23rd.

Thanks to our roving reporter for keeping everyone informed.

During this outage, Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, announced there will be a General Election on July 4th.

Improvements to a Footpath at Radley Lakes

The footpath at the southwest corner of Thrupp Lake was muddy and impassable due to a wet winter.

A 250-meter section of the footpath has now been upgraded by the Radley Lakes Trust. Vegetation was cleared along the route by volunteers. Path sides were installed and filled with fine gravel by a contractor. The path is now being used, and the gravel is starting to settle.

On a wet day like today, the contrast between the muddy paths around and the new path is striking.

Volunteers will install a new gate and fence at the entrance off the cycleway from Abingdon.

More Artweeks Art in Central Abingdon

In Abingdon Library there will be three artists in residence this week. First was Louis Williams, a comic book artist and illustrator whose work can be found in independent comics, zines and the soon-to-be-released graphic novel ‘The Crossing.’ He will also be leading a Zine-making workshop at One Planet Abingdon. See https://oneplanetabingdon.org/etn/overgrowth-zine-making-workshop-09-06-2024/.
Above Willow’s Shake Shop, The Abingdon Artist Collaboration have an exhibition, and at the centre of it is Harry, the Supreme Leader. Harry has been given that title by the gamers of the Grim Dark Gaming Society who usually play games up there. Harry is seen among long strands representing mycelium. I was told that ‘Fungi obtain nutrients through the fibrous root like mycelium, and it could also acts as a means of communication between trees, whose roots are connected to each other through the mycelium of fungi. This allows the tree to send and receive information and nutrients to the surrounding trees.’ The artwork also includes glowing toadstools.

At the Abbey Cinema, a group of artists are exhibiting. The linking factor between them seems to be that they have done courses, whether at Abingdon and Witney College, the Ashmolean Museum or elsewhere, with Tatiana Wise. This is John with two of his pictures. He has been doing a beginners art group with Tatiana.

At St Nicolas Church, the Abbey Group are exhibiting. They are all well known in Abingdon as talented and prolific artists. The pews are full because Margaret Horton is selling off pictures to clear her studio.