Pictures of Kharkiv in Abingdon Library

On February 20th, 2014, the Russo-Ukrainian War began as Russia pushed into the Crimean Peninsula. On February 24th, 2022, the conflict escalated with Russia launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

At Abingdon Library, a collection of photos by the Oxford Kharkiv Association shows Ukraine’s enduring struggle, particularly in Kharkiv. The images chronicle Kharkiv’s transformation, from peace to war with destruction and rebuilding.

The Oxford Kharkiv Association are a group of volunteers who look to strengthen the links between Oxfordshire and the Kharkiv region.

New Food Shop Opens on Abingdon High Street

There’s a new shop on the High Street selling fresh food. It’s where Abingdon Sports used to be, and it seems popular already.

They’ve got lots of fruit and veg, most without packaging (you can use paper bags if needed). They also have a butcher’s counter, bread and pastries, cheese and wine, and other groceries on shelves.

The shop is open every day from 7am to 8pm.

Are Watercourse ‘A’ and Larkhill Stream connected?

People who have commented on the plans for building a new care home and nursery (Plan P23/V2861/O on Land north of Copenhagen Drive, Abingdon) are worried that there might be problems with draining the water away from the site.

Abingdon Town Council commented, ‘The town council is also concerned about the risk of flooding as excess water will use the drain installed by Aldi and will end up in Larkhill stream. There has recently been flooding around Larkmead School, which may have been exacerbated by pressure on Larkhill stream, which runs close to the site. This is likely to be worsened by the proposed development.’

In the Aldi plan it was proposed ‘to discharge surface water from the development to the watercourse on the far side of Wootton Road, via a new connection.’ The new development is planning to do the same and drain surface water into what it calls ‘Watercourse A’.

“Watercourse A” disappears underground near Wootton Road. Then, another stream called Larkhill Stream appears from under the same road, but I’m not sure if they’re connected.

More rain last night caused more flooding in North Abingdon! Farm Road and the Peachcroft Play area were underwater again. The Larkhill Stream (pictured above) also overflowed its banks.

About half way along the length of the Larkhill Stream is a flood holding area (at Rawlings Grove) , and that became a pond overnight.

The Larkhill Stream (pictured on the left) is cloudy with dirt (silt) compared to the clear stream from Shippon (pictured on the right). Both streams meet near Larkmead School. I wonder if the dirt in Larkhill Stream came from “Watercourse A.” Anyone know? A friend is worried about this and trying to find out more before the plans go through.

Toddlers help plant a brighter future

Last year, Tim sent some pictures of bulb planting by Appleford / Compton Drive residents. He says they went up a league last week and planted three trees on the verge for all the excellent reasons trees get planted. It was a multi-generational event with everyone from toddlers to dodderers joining in. Tim says they plan to continue to manage the space for the community and the environment by encouraging wildflowers and maintaining the grass for wildlife. They’ll mow paths through it that many children love to run through.