Abingdon Weir, Drought Status, New Abbey Meadow fence

Newcomer reported that, on Thursday Morning, he saw a lot of water birds on the slope of Abingdon Weir at 9 am. They were enjoying the slow water flow and eating the water weed from the flow. He did not have his Apple phone with him.

Hoping for a picture, I went there this morning. Instead of many birds, a family of ducks was resting on the weir substructure,

and thousands of small fish were nibbling at water weed near the surface just below the weir.

The Environment Agency announced today that the Thames area, including Abingdon, has moved into drought status. Drought status means that the Environment Agency and water companies can start implementing drought plans, including a hosepipe ban. Some Councils have implemented a splash park turn-off.

At Abbey Meadow, a new fence has been erected to stop young children from falling into the river. The fence could deter geese from entering the splash park, although they were still there today.

Abingdon distilled at Coxeter House

The Abingdon Distillery has moved into part of Coxeter House and opened last week.

Abingdon Gin is distilled in copper stills on site, and on sale in bottles. There will be tours. The website https://abingdondistillery.com/ has the details.

The Stratton Way side of Coxeter House is changing into a bar or restaurant and will probably open in October.

Pedestrians do get stilled at this crossing for minutes at a time.

When Abingdon was underwater

Abingdon Museum has an exhibition about some reptiles, fish and floaty creatures that might have been found in Jurassic times when Abingdon would have been a sea.

There are fossils and information boards describing creatures such as Ichthyosaurs, Pliasaurs, Plesiosaurs, Leedsichthys problematicus, Shastasaurs, Ammonites & Belemnites.

A large aquarium containing one large sea creature can be viewed through a VR headset. The VR headset has been popular and will be used in future with different VR films.

This weekend, the museum website https://www.abingdon.gov.uk/abingdon-county-hall-museum  has details for a talk by the palaeontology professor from Portsmouth about the Pliosaurus (or Abingdon Sea Monster).

Monday Market with sunshine (snow and rain reminders)

Martin has the Abingdon 2023 calendar on sale on his Monday Market Stall, beginning with a picture of a snowy January.

August has started dry with blue skies and warm sunshine. There was no butcher, but the fish van was there.

By the end of the day, all the Sunflowers, from the flower and plant stall, were sold.

A crochet pattern showing a sandy beach is on the Market Place post office box.

The High Street is bright and light; many wear summer shorts and dresses.

At Trinity Church, the scouts returned after camping in North Yorkshire, where they had rain. Tents were laid out to dry.