Fairacres Phase 2 – July update

Construction has continued on Phase 2 of the Fairacres Retail Park. The structure is in place and cladding is being added in July.

The largest unit will be a Lidl – a German international discount supermarket chain who are Big on Quality – Lidl on Price. There are four other units up for grabs.

Traffic roundabouts in Abingdon have gone a bit wild during the Coronavirus pandemic, but one of the many businesses off this particular roundabout (Tesco, Hilton Garden Hotel,  Miele, …. Lidl) could choose to tame this one, and have their sign added for publicity purposes.

Heron on Stratton Way

Tony says
Out for a walk one evening we saw a heron sitting on the roof of South Lodge at the bottom of Bath Street by the Stratton Way pedestrian crossing. Surely not, we thought!
Going closer it looked like a heron but we still thought it might be ornamental, but
Closer still and we alarmed it so that it flew up onto the roof of Stratton Lodge behind.

Rascals, Rot and Ruin at Old Abbey House

Old Abbey House
Old Abbey House has been unused and unoccupied since the town council and citizens advice moved out in 2014. The building was boarded up two years ago to stop vandalism, and rotating climb guards added more recently.
Old Abbey House
A lot of roof tiles are broken above the lower half of the building.
Old Abbey House
The roof on the higher part looks better, but mischief makers are still getting up there and causing damage.

Old Abbey House is owned by the Vale of the White Horse District Council. The Conservatives were in charge up to May 2019 and proposed using it as Social Housing. The Lib-Dems have been in charge since May 2019. They were putting together a strategy document about managing VWHDC buildings when the Coronavirus Pandemic struck.

Play areas to begin re-opening in the Vale

The Vale of White Horse District Council have announced a phased re-opening of their play areas beginning on Monday 6th July.
Safety checks will need to be carried out to make sure equipment is safe for people to use, after being unused for over three months. The first play area to re-open will be at Abbey Meadow in Abingdon, followed by others across the town.

Visitors will be urged to stay safe by following a few simple instructions which are being introduced to reduce the risk of people transmitting COVID-19. People are asked to:
* wash or sanitise their hands before entering the play area and then again after they leave;
* come back at a quieter time, if the play area is busy;
* follow social distancing.
* The council is also asking that only one adult per child is in the play area at a time.

If anyone notices any issues with a Vale play area they are asked to report it by calling 01235 422404 or by emailing parks@southandvale.gov.uk. To report anti-social behaviour – call 101.
About half the play parks in Abingdon are run by the Vale and half by Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council. Their re-opening will be managed separately.

Abingdon Hair, Pub and Restaurant Economy reopens

Barbers in Abingdon town centre re-opened today and there were queues outside some, and sanitiser inside.
Most restaurants re-opened and many had a busy evening as people could eat out for the first time in over three months. They had social distancing signs and tables kept further apart than before.
Pubs also reopened with social distancing measures and signs. Social distancing became more difficult after a couple of drinks.

Taxis were queueing in the hope that the Abingdon night economy was open again.