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Abingdon Hair, Pub and Restaurant Economy reopens

Barbers in Abingdon town centre re-opened today and there were queues outside some, and sanitiser inside.
Most restaurants re-opened and many had a busy evening as people could eat out for the first time in over three months. They had social distancing signs and tables kept further apart than before.
Pubs also reopened with social distancing measures and signs. Social distancing became more difficult after a couple of drinks.

Taxis were queueing in the hope that the Abingdon night economy was open again.

New Barber + Old News

New Barber
A new barber is to open at the corner of Lombard Street and West St Helen Street.
New Barber
Newspapers from April 1st 2020 are still in the window. I thought nobody did April fools this year, but there is a Daily Mail picture of Prince Harry with a trolley load of toilet paper. Old news included:

Tough measures to clamp down on hoarders

Corona stops play: Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Wimbledon’s off… 

No mass, family lunch or egg hunts… How the coronavirus finished off Easter celebrations for the first time in 2,000 years

Like so many medics I’m stuck at home with just a cough. This is madness: Dr MAX PEMBERTON blasts Government over lack of coronavirus testing for NHS workers.

Second Abingdon Charity Shop re-opens

Shop fronts
Cancer Research Uk re-opened today in Abingdon. They are the second charity shop in Abingdon to re-open.

They have put in place safety measures to stop the transmission of the virus and keep people safe. Only 4 customers will be allowed in the shop at any time and shop displays allow 2 meter social distancing.
Shop fronts
Another shop that has a new look is the ex-Ladbrokes. It will open as Abingdon Nail Spa. The nail bar that was in West St Helen Street are moving and upgrading.

The name Abingdon does carry a certain significance. It is also used by Abingdon Health, in York, who are working on a Covid-19 antibody test.

Lee Longlands re-open – but are in administration

Abingdon 100 years ago
These are in uncertain times for the UK economy and local businesses, many of whom reopened last week.

Lee Longlands, in Abingdon (incorporating Vineys of Abingdon) opened today after three months of pandemic lockdown. The lack of trading over that time has led to cash flow problems and it was reported by Birmingham new sources, and the BBC, that they went into administration this week.

Lee Longlands are assuring customers that they continue trading, and the administrator sounds hopeful of bringing them out of administration fairly soon.

Lee Longlands was established in 1902 in Birmingham, and Vineys was established in the 1870s in Abingdon.

Abingdon Town Centre is now Half Open

A dozen or more shops have reopened since Monday.
Half Open
In Bath Street, they included Masons,
Half Open
Clockwork Dragon,
Half Open
and Eileen.

Eileen have a closing down sale that began a few days before the lockdown and is continuing now.

About half the shops in Abingdon town centre are now open. Most of the charity shops are still closed. The hairdressing / nail businesses are closed. Catering (that are not doing takeaway) are also closed.

Of the bigger clothes shops New Look was open with a welcome back sale. Fat Face, M & Co, and Peacock are still closed. They have started re-opening some stores elsewhere.
Half Open
Traffic at the Ock Street / Stratton Way lights was beginning to stretch back to the junction with West St Helen Street at times.