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Morland Exhibition

There is a new exhibition called ‘Morland – A Family Business’ at Abingdon County Hall Museum.

There are panels with information about the Morland family and the Morland Brewery, as well as some artifacts.

Also showing is a slide show of old pub signs, and a film called ‘A Bitter End’ about Morland and Loose Canon Breweries. It was made by The Abingdon Film Unit (AFU), based at Abingdon School, an organisation that enables secondary school pupils to make their own quality short films.

Exhibition of Devine Abingdon photographs

An Exhibition of photographs by Abingdon based photographer Martin Wackenier opened this week at the County Hall Museum and runs until 23rd December 2021.

The exhibition is called ‘It’s not all black and white, Abingdon in true colours’. The pictures have been part of Martin’s Virtual Photography Exhibition 2021, and about twenty have been enlarged to poster size for the physical exhibition.

Born in Ypres, in Belgium, Martin has lived and been taking photographs in Abingdon for 13 years. He started a project in 2015 to take 2,000 photographs of people from the town in the Market Place. He is often asked to be the official photographer for events in town, and has also been official photographer for The Henley Royal Regatta, London Fashion Week, and a number of Music Festivals. He runs his own professional business Devine Times Photography

Virus Neutraliser and Haptic Art at Abingdon Museum

Abingdon Museum cannot easily open the windows to let through fresh air between visitors but what they have is a Virus Neutraliser that also acts as an air conditioner. It sends out ozone after the staff have left. Ozone can neutralise any coronavirus in the air and on surfaces, and the ozone is gone by next day.

We booked a slot in the museum to view the exhibition on Haptic art. A group of textile and mixed media artists have created works inspired by exhibits that can also been found in the museum standing collection.

They include a floor tile from Abingdon Abbey.

To see other works including a bent spoon, Saxon comb, and more, book your slot at

Lovely little town. Lots to See.

Lovely little town. Lots to See
Browsing the visitors book in Abingdon County Hall Museum there were a number of comments written in characters that appear to be from Asia.

In 2019 the estimated population of China was 1,420,062,022. India was 1,368,737,513. India will soon overtake China. Both are about 20 times more populous than the UK.

One comment in the book has been translated “Lovely little town. Lots to See”.
Lovely little town. Lots to See
MG is now owned by a Chinese Company and so the MG exhibits could be of interest.
Lovely little town. Lots to See
There is a rich history of wood carving in China and India so visitors could be interested in the carved mirror.
Lovely little town. Lots to See
The building itself and the painted staircase are very striking to any visitor. There will be a new temporary exhibition from 11th January called Mr Hemmings Hat & Other Curiosities – celebrating 100 years of Abingdon museum’s collections.