Abingdon Community Hospital League of Friends

Abingdon Community Hospital League of Friends
Yesterday, at St Helen’s Church Centre, the Abingdon Community Hospital League of Friends held a coffee morning and jumble sale, and raised over £300 to help buy equipment to help patients.
Abingdon Community Hospital League of Friends
They also have a raffle to be drawn on November 5th at their AGM at the Charter Day Centre 10:30-12:30 .
1st Prize – Miele Vacuum Cleaner
2nd Prize – Quality Electric Keyboard
3rd Prize – Restaurant Meals for two … and many more smaller prizes.

You can also support them by becoming a member at only £5 a year. They will be in the Community Freespace in Bury Street sometime in October.

Next week at the Freespace are the Carbon Cutters with apple pressing.

3 thoughts on “Abingdon Community Hospital League of Friends

  1. Hester

    The League of Friends will be sharing FreeSpace with the Film Society week beginning 24 October.

    Carbon Cutters this week and next – apple pressing and more….

  2. Janet

    The police are warning that door to door con men are posing as salesmen selling cleaning products. The con men say that they are ex prisoners trying to make a new start or deaf and dumb and they have to make money to pay their carers. They case the house to see how much money is available and then burgle the house at a later date. The police have nicknamed them as Nottingham Knockers as Nottingham was where this crime originated from. As usually they prey on the elderly and vulnerable.

  3. Vulnerable old bloke

    Not only do you disagree with charity abroad, Janet, you also seem to want us to bang the door shut on unfortunates trying to earn a quid or two without asking who they are. They can’t all be crooks, they’ve been coming to our house for years. In any case, why change the subject from charity for our hospital? It needs it, and it’s here in Abingdon.


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