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April 2015 Abingdon Blog – on Youtube

There have been Abingdon Blog youtube videos for over 5 years.

Easily the most popular, from last year’s Mayor of Ock Street, is ‘The Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancing Princess Royal’, which has 15,422 views. It can be viewed on Youtube.

There used to be an end of month youtube slideshow. This month I am trying that out again but with a difference. It has moving pictures and real background sounds … Here is ‘Abingdon Blog – April 2015 – on Youtube.’

Press the youtube logo bottom right, after it starts, to see it bigger on youtube …

Saturday Morning

This Satuday Morning:
Sue Ryder
Sue Ryder took over the Kempster Room, in the museum basement, for a sale of clothing, at just £1 for three items.
French Crafts
There was a small French Antiques and Craft Market on the Market Place. This is a change from the usual French Food Market – put on to see if the concept would work before they bring the rest of the market.
The scouts were also on the Market Place selling books, bric-a-brac, and Tombola tickets.
Music in the Park
There were still armbands available for the Music in the Park event on 6th June.
The Friends of Radley Lakes also had a display of photographs of Radley Lakes at St Ethelwolds House.

Apologies to anybody who this does not concern but if you do live in Caldecott Ward, I did do a short biography in the About link just in case.

UKIP Shop four weeks on

UKIP pop-up shop
About 4 weeks ago UKIP opened their Oxfordshire Campaign HQ in East St Helen Street, Abingdon-on-Thames. It was rumored that their charismatic leader, Nigel Farage, would be there for the opening, but another MEP (Member of European Parliament) did the honours.
UKIP pop-up shop
I have been by the shop many times since.
UKIP pop-up shop
There are 2 balloons, slowly deflating, out the back, but I have not seen any campaigning activity.

Crocodile Lock

Crocodile Lock
The channel behind Abingdon Lock has been cleared and landscaped over the winter. One of the helpers has been secretly working on his own pet project – a fallen tree trunk has been turned into a crocodile .
Crocodile Lock
There are a lot of fallen tree trunks around Abingdon Lock. What if they all turned into crocodiles?