April 2015 Abingdon Blog – on Youtube

There have been Abingdon Blog youtube videos for over 5 years.

Easily the most popular, from last year’s Mayor of Ock Street, is ‘The Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancing Princess Royal’, which has 15,422 views. It can be viewed on Youtube.

There used to be an end of month youtube slideshow. This month I am trying that out again but with a difference. It has moving pictures and real background sounds … Here is ‘Abingdon Blog – April 2015 – on Youtube.’

Press the youtube logo bottom right, after it starts, to see it bigger on youtube …

4 thoughts on “April 2015 Abingdon Blog – on Youtube

  1. Houdini

    Lovely video of Aningdon.

    I spied the bees again in the video, and forgot to say on the post a while ago:

    A couple of friends of mine are bee keepers who tell me these are swarming honeybees and aren’t mason bees. This time of year when there’s lots of nectar around the colony will be growing so quickly they run out of space in the hive, so they make a new queen and half of them (can be hundreds!) fly off with the new queen and bellies full of honey. They find a convenient point to wait for a few hours/days while the scout bees go off to find a nice dark space to start a new colony (a hollow tree or similar large empty space… unless a beekeeper is lucky enough to get to them first, in which case he’ll drop them into a new hive!). A swarm like this never hangs around for long – and swarming bees are usually very docile as they’ve got full tummies and are totally focussed on staying close to the queen, who will be somewhere in the middle of the pile.

    The Mason bees in holes in walls are solitary and don’t swarm.


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