Building Progress in Abingdon this April

Building Progress
Next to the Wootton Road shops there is a new development of 8 apartments. (see Hester’s comment 1 for correction about what it replaced.)
Building Progress
Work on the Abingdon School Science Centre continues.
Building Progress
Much of the scaffolding has been removed from the new care apartments on Ock Street that replace Mayott House. The roof is on, and most of the windows are in.
Building Progress
Regarding the Old Gaol it is difficult to tell how things are progressing. It is the 40th anniversary of the Old Gaol opening as a leisure centre, and Abingdon Music Centre.

13 thoughts on “Building Progress in Abingdon this April

  1. Hester

    Backstreeter – sorry to nitpick, but the Wootton Road Site isn’t Champion House – that was where the Fleur de Lys retirement homes are now. This site was a lovely old white clapboard-fronted house.

    Re the Old Gaol, the glass structure in the old entrance-way most definitely wasn’t in the plans which were given the original consent: once we know who are new councillors are we will be asking them to find out at what stage (if ever) it was approved and whether it meets the requirements of the Conservation area re visual appearance, sightlines etc. We will also be checking whether the very specific requirements for public access around the site are being honoured…

  2. Brian

    Hester, I fear your concerns re the Old Gaol are lost to the incompetence of relevant Council
    I used to work in the first floor office on the left of your picture when the sound of wild life was prolific & access from Bridge Street to East St Helen wasn’t in question !
    Why can’t someone deal with the problem of developer arrogance ??

  3. Cassandra

    When I first moved to Abingdon (relatively recently) I used to walk past that White House every day and I always thought how lovely it was. How can plans be passed to replace it with that cubic monstronsity?
    Likewise The Old Goal fiasco. It seems as if the planning authorities have no concern for the appearance of the town or for the concerns of the people who live here.

  4. Hester

    Looking to the future, there are some things we can do, but it needs sustained effort, not just reacting to things we don’t like. For example, we MUST persuade the new Town Council to go for a Neighbourhood Plan – or, failing that, one of the other devices available to ensure higher standards of local planning decisions: only with those in place will planners have the framework for refusing some of these proposals. Also, we must lobby those on the new Vale Planning Committee to stop delegating so much to officers: we must hold our elected representatives to account for the decisions.

    The Friends of Abingdon will continue to fight on these and other issues but it would be great if all of you who share
    these views on this blog would join us and help…

  5. Spike S

    If the Architects of the Wootton Road boxes are a local firm, they should be deeply ashamed. While it may be structurally sound and have paid their salaries, aesthetically they have failed miserably.

  6. Julian

    When I applied for planning permission for a small extension it was thrown out because “it was out of keeping with surrounding properties”…even though, in a close of some 28 houses there are 7 different styles of property! So why do planners now turn a blind eye to these monstrosities? (the one in Norman Avenue springs to mind as well!!). Is it because big developer’s are applying for planning? After all, they seemnto be exempt from all planning laws in this town. You don’t like to think of palms being greased in this day and age, and one would certainly hope not in sleepy little Abingdon….but it does make you wonder?!

  7. Another Iain

    Re the access from Bridge St through the Old Gaol to East St Helen Street, can anybody advise what is currently possible vs. what *should* be available? I’d like to make use of this cut through but all I can see from the East St Helen side is a gate that appears to be access controlled.

  8. Hester

    Another Iain – from the East St Helens end, use the smaller side gate, not the large one. Although it does appear to be access-controlled, it is (or should be) open 9-5 – or possibly later – Mon-Sat except Bank Holidays. When you get to the other end you may have to press the button on the wall to open the gate.
    The entrance from the Bridge St end looks even less inviting, but it should be open at the same times.

  9. Dave

    The goal site, with its concrete block buildings and electric controlled gate system, should be renamed the New Gaol.

    Anyone know what happened to SARP, the would be plan for South Abingdon on Thames.


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