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From the Skies – squares and circles

Daniel has been filming, from the skies, the new development off the Dunmore Road. The outlines of the first properties are visible as squares or rectangles.

He has also been flying over South Abingdon where the sewage treatment works are next to the Drayton Road Allotments which are next to a quarry.

When I walk or cycle round the sewage treatment works the overwhelming impression is the fizzy sulfurous smell, but from the sky you see circles.

Hoarding panels put up at Old Abbey House

Hoarding panels are being put up round the front of Old Abbey House.

Before being left empty in 2014 it was the home of Abingdon Town Council and the Citizens Advise Bureau. The Ede Group from Witney were the winning bidders for the property, purchased from Vale of White Horse District Council, and plan to turn it into a 20-bedroom hotel. Some work is needed to secure parts of the roof to keep the building from further damage. In their press release in February Ede Group said they look forward to ‘working with the planners to come up with an appropriate hotel scheme, whilst also restoring the building to its former glory.’

Daniel’s Bird’s Eye View of the new development off the Dunmore Road

The best pictures I can take walking round the new development by the Dunmore Road is to show heaps of earth and piles of pipes. This picture is taken from Tilsley Park with the houses of Dunmore Road behind.

From the Wootton Road the first houses can be seen going up.

But Daniel with his Bird’s Eye View gets something much better.

This is the view looking from Tilsley Park towards the Wootton Road with the existing houses of Dunmore Road top left.

This is the view of the development entrance and the first houses. Daniel hopes to return fairly frequently to show progress from the air.

Old Abbey House to become hotel and Charter Day Centre to be run by Yellow Submarine

Old Abbey House Hotel
There was a press release from the Vale of White Horse District Council yesterday to say that Old Abbey House has been sold to Ede Holdings Ltd of Witney for £927,000 and that they will develop and run it as a 20 bedroom hotel.

Ede Holdings are mainly house builders and developers but they originally built and co-owned the Four Pillars Hotel Group before selling it on. So this is a return to running a hotel for them.
Old Abbey House Hotel
Daniel Ede, a director intends to work with the local economy and says ‘We want to work closely with other local businesses and people, and initially will be looking for a local laundry provider and a local baker for fresh morning produce, as well as cleaning staff.’

It will also provide career opportunities in the hospitality sector.
Old Abbey House Hotel
There were several bidders for Old Abbey House. The press release goes on to say ‘Another positive to come from the bidding process saw a number of community groups putting forward proposals that may also benefit the town. One group is Oxfordshire-based charity Yellow Submarine, who support young people with learning disabilities and autism. Yellow Submarine will occupy The Charter building in Abingdon town centre, following on from its current use to support the vaccination programme.’

P.S. Yesterday I saw a long queue of people waiting for vaccinations outside the Charter. Over 15 million people in the UK have now had their first vaccination.