From Peachcroft Roundabout to Dyson Mews

The work on cutting the corner at the Peachcroft Roundabout is planned to run from 31 Jul 2023 – 17 Aug 2024 and so is probably half way there. It should allow traffic from the Dunmore Road to cut the corner going up Lodge Hill. So far the work has affected footpaths more than carriageways. This corner is the boundary of the Abbey Fields development.

Despite interest rate rises, there has not been much slowdown in the house building on the Abbey Fields development. This is the view from the footpath from Sunningwell, where it crosses the Abbey Fields development. Abingdon must be a very popular place to live.

In the news today was the story that Barratt are to buy rival Redrow for £2.5bn.

A lot of the new homes in Abbey Fields have a notice from Barratt Homes saying ‘Please be courteous. This house is occupied.’

A cycle way runs from the Abbey Fields development through Tilsley Park (sports ground run by Abingdon School) and then comes to a stop just before the Kings Gate development.

Resourceful walkers have made their own short cut a short way from the main route.

A new road name that has appeared on the Kings Gate estate is Dyson Mews. It is not named after Sir James Dyson, knighted for his vacuum cleaner and hand drier innovations, and not even named after Star Wars R2D2 creator Tony Dyson who did live in Abingdon. It is named after Tony’s mum Ada Dyson who was Mayor of Abingdon. According to the obituary of Ada on the Abingdon and District Twin Towns Society website (July 2008), Ada had bright red hair and a determined northern character and was a formidable fighter.

5 thoughts on “From Peachcroft Roundabout to Dyson Mews

  1. Daniel

    the other entries on to the Peachcroft roundabout have been narrowed. Where tehre was a lane split for left/ahead and right, there is no only a single lane.

    1. Daniel

      In Japan they build a new bridge in a week, in the Netherlands a tunnel over a weekend…

      Welcome to Britain 2024….what makes you think it’ll be done in only 6 months?

  2. Colin

    It was a requirement that the link between King’s Gate and Tilsey Park was jn place after 50 houses were occupied. Interesting to see if any enforcement action has been taken and who is responsible for putting the bridge segment in place

  3. Danny Malbec

    Where’s our effing bridge? That path to nowhere sums up Abingdon. Make way for the builders and Tonka trucks. And how about shops and schools and surgery and pub (The Effing Bridge)?


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