Abingdon Tesco’s Higher Canopy (Not For Giraffes)

The Abingdon Tesco Extra petrol station is getting a revamp and will be reopening on March 1st, 2024. They’re making the pumps and forecourt area more spacious by raising the roof to a minimum of 5 meters, according to planning application P23/V1925/FUL (Replace canopy and increase height to Min 5M.)

The Abingdon Tesco petrol station has been around since 1981, and the canopy was just 4.15 meters high.

So, whether you’re filling up your car or your average double-decker bus (4.5 to 4.7 meters), you can do so easily from March 1st! What won’t fit is a giraffe trailer (6 meters).

2 thoughts on “Abingdon Tesco’s Higher Canopy (Not For Giraffes)

  1. Ste

    To me it would have made more sense to move the cabin/shop to the far left of the forecourt, and that would then leave more space for gaps between the pumps and (possibly) three in each row rather than the two they currently have.

    1. Long-time resident

      Ste : On the sight of it a good idea but you are ignoring the fact that the underground fuel storage tanks and their filling pipes are already installed under the forecourt – to change this, would I suspect, be very expensive and time-consuming,


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