A regular Monday Market

It was a regular Abingdon Monday Market. The Market Place cobbles were filled with stalls and vans and the crosspaths with people. There was a breeze but no storms or floods. It was cloudy but the fruit and veg stall knew rain wasn’t expected, as they hadn’t put up a cover!

Everyone’s first stop seemed to be fish van, judging by the queue waiting for their catch fresh from the quay. There was also the butcher’s van, but not the butcher who always keeps up a dialogue through a squeaky PA system. Isla Bakery had piles of loaves, buns, and a table of cakes. The stationary stall had greeting cards and a table of crossword and puzzle books. Over at the photography stall, Martin greeted every enquiry with his usual friendliness. He had a sale – as new stock arrives soon.

You could get a bunch of daffodils for £1, or 3 for £2.50. The pet food stall had bags of pet and wild bird food. You couldn’t miss the outdoor gear stall with its dazzling display of Hi-Viz jackets. Opposite that was the egg stall with the stacked trays of eggs.

Who have I forgotten?

4 thoughts on “A regular Monday Market

  1. Kaab

    I’m afraid I won’t buy of the bakery stall, seeing all his goods open unwrapped to the elements with the wind blowing through, Is that hygienic ?

    1. Kelly Simpson

      While some rules may be necessary, how did we all survive before them? Bread, and many other items never used to be wrapped, but we’re still alive. And in shops you couldn’t see what went on behind the scenes.
      Have bought from him for years with no problems – excellent quality. And yes Janet, the jam doughnuts are amazing.


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