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St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s Birthday in Abingdon

St George’s Day (April 23rd) is being observed by Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council with the flying of the St George’s flag.

The Sue Ryder shop are also observing the day with a display of red and white clothes, wool, handbags, and St George’s Flags.

The exact date of William Shakespeare’s birthday is not recorded, but it is most often observed on 23rd April. He did die on 23rd April 1616.

In Abingdon Virginia, the Barter Theatre has found a way round the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic. They have performances at an abandoned drive-in movie theater – the Moonlite Theater on the edge of Abingdon. Currently playing at the Barter Moonlite is The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

Easter Monday – New Willow, Flag Half Mast, Pom-Poms, and Pavement Cleaning

Hester has send me a picture of the new Willow that has been planted outside the Old Gaol to replace the one that was cut down.

On the County Hall the flag is flying at half-mast.

Dr Vernon Butt, Freeman of Abingdon and Past Mayor, died a year ago. At the time the Town Council were unable to mark his passing by flying the town flag at half-mast and so they are doing so to mark the anniversary of his passing.

Click here for a link to the Town Council’s news item.

The trees on the Market Place, in front of the County Hall, have been decorated with pom-poms and rainbows over Easter.

Today, a section of Bury Street was cordoned off while some workmen gave it a power clean. They were using a machine with a rotating wire buffer and water spray.

Carol on the Doorstep and Cinema in the Abbey

On the Doorstep
For anybody wanting to join in with Carol on the doorstep at 8pm you need to access the sing along track of Silent Night for Carol on the Doorstep. You can follow it from 8pm using the Youtube link: . Abingdon resident Bekah sings the carol, and the Youtube video has the words, so you can turn up the volume on your phone, tablet, laptop and sing along. The video automatically starts at 8pm, so you should be able to sing in time!. Some of your neighbors might be there too. Some neighborhoods could even provide their own band.
On the Doorstep
Here is the X13 bringing people back from the JR Hospital and from other places in Oxford. Not all of them have heard that The Abbey Cinema has reopened.
On the Doorstep
The Abbey Cinema can be found by going through the Abbey gateway.
On the Doorstep
If the lights in the foyer, up the steps, are on then there is a show going on.
On the Doorstep
Book online at

This Christmas you can see Live Panto! Beauty and the Beast.
or War Horse from NT Live
and much more.

Henry VIII’s men did their worst to dismantle Abingdon Abbey. A Cinema called The Abbey is now on the site.

Painting the bell bollards … Saturday Country Market

Abingdon Country Market - This Saturday
Yesterday, Oxfordshire County Council painted the bell bollards outside St Nicolas Church to make them easier to see.

Christmas cards for charities are on sale inside the church. There are a good selection of about twenty charities – not as many charities as in a usual year.
Abingdon Country Market - This Saturday
The nativity scene at St Nic’s becomes visible as the sun goes down. It also plays Christmas Carols.

By the end of next week school pupils will break up for the Christmas Holidays.
Abingdon Country Market - This Saturday
The Salvation Army have their own nativity scene – with a rainbow behind.
Abingdon Country Market - This Saturday
Over the road, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks have unearthed a large bundle of cables outside the Co-op. It has been like that for a couple of days now.
Abingdon Country Market - This Saturday
Abingdon Country Market will be on at the Salvation Army this Saturday from 10 am with their usual assortment of jams and chutneys, and cakes (including mince pies).