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After a week away

We are back in Abingdon after a week away. The X2 bus driver at Oxford Station said that a lot of petrol stations in the area have run out of fuel. He put it down to panic buying. The Vineyard Service Station was not selling fuel this morning.

There are signs in the Vineyard warning that the road will be closed on 4th October for the Womens Cycle Tour. The Cycle Tour begins in Oxfordshire on Day 1, starting in Bicester. The race will head south to Culham and Abingdon, then north to finish in Banbury. The route through Abingdon is Bridge Street, Stert Street (wrong way), Stratton Way,  Bath Street, and Wootton Road.

Also on 4th October, Abingdon Street Fair will shut High Street, Ock Street, and part of Stratton way. The signs, this year, make it the Longest Street Fair in the UK – 1½ mile !

Kingfisher Canoe Club House Official Opening

Here are some pictures from last Saturday`s Official Opening of the Kingfisher Canoe Club house. The opening was attended by well over 100 people. Invited guests were funders, donors, and supporters of Kingfisher CCs new hut at Abingdon Lock. Also present were present members of the club and also many past members from the last 45 years.

Dave Surman said, ‘It has been a long and tortuous journey to make it happen with many obstacles to overcome. With so many people working together, with support from the public and specifically with the positve and exceptional help and support from Richard the lock keeper, it has at last happened.’

Here are Club Chairman Tim Wilkes, Youth Development Officer and Trustee David Surman , and Youth Section Member Jenny Wood

Picture credits
1 David Porter
2 Martin Wackenier

Gathering of Vintage and Replica Cars

George Haslam had told people there would a gathering of vintage and replica cars at the Royal British Legion in Abingdon, and they were arriving from about 11:30. The car next to him was built in the 1970s and inspired by an older Riley and made from components from various cars: the engine is from a Ford Cortina; the front suspension from a Triumph Herald; the body shell is fiberglass, and was made and the vehicle put together by the Vincent MPH company.

Stuart worked on the MG works rally racing vehicles for some of his years at the MG Car Plant at Abingdon. He got talking to the owner of this replica race vehicle about why some of the features were added.

There was to be music by a live singing group, drinks and a barbeque.

A lot of missed events

There was a lot going on today but as I was working I could not take many photographs for the blog. Before work I went to Trinity Church to set up a welcome table for Ride and Stride.

There was the official opening or the Kingfisher canoe clubhouse.

There was a pride event at St Ethelwolds.

It was the last day of the Abingdon Country Market.

There was also the Abingdon Air and Country Show. Thankyou to Gordon for the video above showing the Red Arrows flying over at 15:47. If anybody has any other pictures of any of these events, or other events I did not mention, please send them to and I can add them.

After work I cleared up the table from Ride and Stride. The double sided tape took a long time to scratch off the table top.


An update from Malvin on the final Abingdon Country Market ‘this is the bakers farewell presentation from the Salvation Army Captain Alexandra Devine. We had a very good market and there was very little left.’

Also the night shoot at Abingdon Air and Country Show on Friday evening. From Allen whos says ‘This event was organised by who hold photography events all over the country and have apparently done the Abingdon night shoot for many years.’