Abingdon Events: From Morris Dancing to Puppet Shows

I sometimes get asked the best place to find out what is happening in Abingdon. While the official council website (https://www.abingdon.gov.uk/events ) has a listing, it can sometimes miss some gems or repeat regulars. There are also posters around town. Here are some of this week’s posters.

Mr Hemmings Traditional Abingdon Dancers have their annual day of dance on Saturday 6th July 2024 and will be dancing with guest teams in various places around the town from 11am.

On the same day is the annual South Abingdon Play and Activity Day organised by the Oxfordshire Play Association.

Wantage Academy Brass will be playing at St Michael’s Church on Saturday. Proceeds of the event are to be shared with The Abingdon Bridge (TAB), TARIRO (Hope for Youth in Zimbabwe) and St Michael’s Church.

The Oxford Waits perform at the Unicorn Theatre on Thursday 4th July. They take their name from a band of Oxford musicians, known as ‘waits,’ who played in Oxford during the 17th century.

Abingdon Drama Club presents Calendar Girls from 10th – 13th July (Evenings) as part of their 80th year.

The puppet barge is back in Abingdon, by the open air pool, with a new show called The Insect Circus. Forget reality and become immersed in the strange and beautiful world of insects!

3 thoughts on “Abingdon Events: From Morris Dancing to Puppet Shows

  1. Hester

    Yes, posters are still very important – not everyone is on social media. The Town Council used to provide 5-6 noticeboards, now there is just the one at Roysse Court (mainly for their own notices) and the double-sided one at Bath Street. I think there is one at Peachcroft too. The Friends of Abingdon have been pressing for a few years now for the one in the Market Place and the ones in bus shelters and Reynolds Way to be replaced – and for new ones to be put in other edge of town locations. We are told that some at least of this is in hand….
    Other places to look for posters include the Library, the windows of Unit 24 and Willows Shakeshop – and several of the cafes, including the Barns at Northcourt.

  2. Michael

    Also Howdens in the High Street have a community notice board and are very helpful when I take posters in.

  3. Michael

    Just to say I’m finding it very difficult to get posters up in Unit 24. There is hardly ever anyone there. If you fold them small you can just get them through the crack in the door. Could a letter box be fitted in the door, or could Friends of Abingdon organise a drop-off point for posters please?


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