Campaign Trail in Abingdon: Leaflets, Street Posters, Candidate sightings

Up until Monday, we had only received election leaflets from three of the candidates. On Monday, however, we received leaflets from all the remaining candidates along with a copy of “Round and About.” Here’s the breakdown of the leaflets received so far:

Liberal Democrats: 6 leaflets (possibly more)
Conservatives: 2 leaflets
Labour: 2 leaflets
CPA: 1 leaflet
Green: 1 leaflet
Independent: 1 leaflet
Reform: 1 leaflet
SDP: 1 leaflet

In terms of street posters, I’ve observed:
Liberal Democrats: Most prominent
Labour: Second most prominent
Reform: Third most prominent

I haven’t been active on social media, so I can’t comment much on that aspect.

The only candidate I have seen in person is the Reform candidate, who was in Bury Street on a Saturday, and I saw him again the next Saturday. I’ve heard that the SDP candidate was seen by others, but missed them.

No party has knocked on the door or phoned us, which is unusual for this area. Overall, it feels like a low-key election campaign in Abingdon. It may all be happening on Instagram, TicToc and X. Or is this the calm before the storm?

11 thoughts on “Campaign Trail in Abingdon: Leaflets, Street Posters, Candidate sightings

  1. Kelly Simpson

    I’d like to leave the green bin next to the front door and ask the postie to put them straight in – save me the job.
    Foregone conclusion in this area anyway.

  2. Sarah Smith

    Yes … we’d noticed the much greater impact the Lib Dems were having in the rainforest too. We are in the neighbouring constituency and the leaflet to party ratio is pretty much identical.

  3. newcomer

    I haven’t seen Layla Moran in the town for years and then only a couple of times, though I’ve seen photographs of her bright yellow/orange overcoat thowing buns in photographs.

  4. Michael

    Interesting you haven’t shown a Conservative poster. I had to double check before I realised there were 2 independents plus something called the CPA which I’ve never heard of.

    Can any of them make a real difference?

  5. Colin

    After watching the hustings on YouTube, only one of them (regardless of whether you agree with policies) has the tone, mannerisms, clarity and messaging to speak at the national level. The rest are nothing more than town councillors or used car dealers in my opinion

  6. Chris

    There were hustings for Didcot & Wantage constituency last night specifically to talk about TW and the reservoir, flooding, sewage in the river and other environmental issues. Green, Labour and LibDem candidates attended; Cons, Reform and SDP didn’t even turn up…


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