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Snow and Blossom on Boxhill Park

Daniel took some aerial shots of the snow yesterday over the Boxhill Park Recreation Ground, with the Workhouse Estate to the right.

The pictures allows us to study the paths of the dog walkers.

Today I walked round the same recreation park, in the sun. In this picture Boxhill Road is in front, and the Workhouse Estate behind.

Beside Boxhill Road, a new line of fruit trees were added last autumn to replace some cherry trees that were thought to be diseased. There are apple trees (of various varieties), pear trees (Conference) and plum trees (Victoria). The pear trees (shown above) and plum trees are in full blossom.

It is easy for a non-expert to tell them apart thanks to the descriptive labels.

It does not appear, at this stage, that the blossom has suffered from the snowfall. This is plum blossom.

Five Willows in Abingdon – with new leaves

My favourite Willow tree is the one in the Margaret Brown Gardens. You can stand under that tree and look through the long trailing branches down the long stretch of the River Thames towards Culham. Sometimes the branches hang like a string curtain, but in this picture the wind is throwing the slender branches back and forth and round.

On the other side of the Iron Bridge, there are a row of willows that shade the River Ock in Summer.

About half way along the Ock Valley Walk is a tree with a bare trunk covered in dark ivy. It has a top knot of leaves, and a curtain of thin branches.

Next to Abingdon Baptist Church is a well shaped weeping willow with its own gated area.

On the island in the Abbey Gardens are two or more willows that have grown together into a mound.

P.S And here is the Willow that once stood in front of the Old Gaol with thanks to Brian.

Autumn leaves at St Helen’s Wharf

St Helens Wharf
The Plane tree canopies at St Helen’s Wharf give shade during hot summer days.

The leaves fall during late October and November.
St Helens Wharf
On some days, leaves carpet the pavement, half cover the road, and float and sink in the River Thames.
St Helens Wharf
Then a worker from the council gathers all those leaves into several blue plastic bags to be taken away. Autumn leaves continue to fall.

Fairly Major Tree Felling

Ben has just sent in another tree story. He reports a fairly major tree felling going on in the Albert Park yesterday afternoon. This affected trees near the park depot.
Today was the 1st of October. I visited the park at about 8:30 am, and I could not see much sign of the previous day’s tree felling as the logs had been removed.
There was some sawdust, and the tree with the kinky horizontal branch had lost some kinks.
Otherwise things were as to be expected at this time of year. Leaves are turning from green to brown. If money grew on trees, we’d soon be raking it in.