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Afraid of heights? If so come and join us on and throw yourself out of an aeroplane. The Mayor will be doing it, and he is looking for others to do the same. All done for the The Firebrigade’s Charity and Abingdon Bridge Drop In Centre. More info on this direct link.

I hope to be joining him so if you see me round town I’ll be glad of some sponsors.

I will miss Abingdon very much

Charter Barber Closes
As one barber opens another closes.

Actually, The Charter Barber closed some time before The Cutting Bar opened so the comings and goings of these two businesses do not appear related.
Charter Barber Notice
The notice says “Farewell and Goodbye

A big thank-you to all our customers for your valued custom over the past 10 years….

I will miss Abingdon very much.

I wish everyone the best for the future… Sara…

Finished off in Gold

Archway to the Church Yard
This archway leads from the world of East and West St Helen’s Streets into St Helen’s Church Yard.
Churchyard Cat
A churchyard cat seems as much a fixture as the old memorials on this warm May evening.
Churchyard Railings
The railings have been recently re-painted – black – and should now do for some time to come.
Gate by Brick Alley
The top of the gate by the Brick Alley Almshouses has even been finished off in gold.