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American Football in Abingdon

Birmingham Bull Tackles Oxford Saint
Passing Abingdon Rugby Club today I was surprised to see American Football happening. On enquiring I discovered that The Oxford Saints were taking on the Birmingham Bulls.
Oxford Saints Bench
I watched for some time not fully understanding what was going on. Only later did I read a Beginners Guide on the Oxford Saint’s Website, and it began to make a bit more sense – how a whole team of players were replaced by a different team every now and then.
Oxford Saints player helped off
Despite all the protective gear, there were far more injuries than I would ever expect to see at an an equivalent Rugby Game.
Players facing each other before play starts
Oxford Saints in red and blue eventually won by 28 to 2. For anybody interested the next game at Abingdon RUFC is 27th June @ 2:30 PM against Nottingham Ceasars .

Singing in The Rain

The Abingdon College Market Place performance was hit by the rain.

Performing Arts students from Abingdon College sang songs from the musicals.

They will be performing ‘Stop the World I Want to Get Off’ at their graduation show

where hopefully rain will be less of a factor.

Tesco – Official England Supermarket

The way Tesco are pushing the world cup it could become as big as Christmas.

Tesco have been awarded the accolade of ‘official England supermarket’ by the football association.
Tesco - laying floor pitch
Near the entrance men were laying the official pitch surrounded by the logos of the companies whose products are on sale over coming weeks.

Only two weeks to go. On 12th June the World Cup kicks off with England V USA at 8:30 PM.
England Flag blowing at Tesco
The England flag has been placed near the air conditioning and is really flying – quite possibly a good omen.

In with my packs of clementines I got some Attax World Cup trading cards including a gold Francesc Fabregas – Man of the Match – card. That could well be worth something in the latter stages of the competition.

World cups give us such a high when things are going well, and such lows. They also leave a glut of surplus stock if England fail to get through to the latter stages.

Old Gaol – May Progress

Old Gaol minus Out House
Demolition work continues on the Old Gaol – clearing all the out houses and bringing the building back to its core.
View to County Hall
New views appear as walls and buildings are cleared away. This view is from Nag’s Head Island to the County Hall. The view will be hidden again when new residential buildings are put in place of the old.
Old Gaol
The view to the Old Gaol from the river is also being cleared of some vegetation.
Old Gaol Model
Eventually it will look something like the architectural model.