Old Gaol – May Progress

Old Gaol minus Out House
Demolition work continues on the Old Gaol – clearing all the out houses and bringing the building back to its core.
View to County Hall
New views appear as walls and buildings are cleared away. This view is from Nag’s Head Island to the County Hall. The view will be hidden again when new residential buildings are put in place of the old.
Old Gaol
The view to the Old Gaol from the river is also being cleared of some vegetation.
Old Gaol Model
Eventually it will look something like the architectural model.

3 thoughts on “Old Gaol – May Progress

  1. hester

    It will be lovely to be able to walk all round the Gaol – and through to East St Helen Street and so long as they get the right mix of restaurants/cafes it will be fantastic to have somewhere to sit and eat by the riverside. Just a pity about the ugly flats* – and no provision for any community use other than eating/drinking.

  2. Mr Grumpy

    Looks nice, but dont really think we need any more restaurants or cafes! I mean we already have enough to sit the entire population of Abingdon in one go!!

  3. Carl Fritz

    When (if ever) are the citizens of Abingdon going to be told how much their town has been UNDERPAID for the Old Gaol property??? n An accounting is long past due!!!


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