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American Football in Abingdon

Birmingham Bull Tackles Oxford Saint
Passing Abingdon Rugby Club today I was surprised to see American Football happening. On enquiring I discovered that The Oxford Saints were taking on the Birmingham Bulls.
Oxford Saints Bench
I watched for some time not fully understanding what was going on. Only later did I read a Beginners Guide on the Oxford Saint’s Website, and it began to make a bit more sense – how a whole team of players were replaced by a different team every now and then.
Oxford Saints player helped off
Despite all the protective gear, there were far more injuries than I would ever expect to see at an an equivalent Rugby Game.
Players facing each other before play starts
Oxford Saints in red and blue eventually won by 28 to 2. For anybody interested the next game at Abingdon RUFC is 27th June @ 2:30 PM against Nottingham Ceasars .