Wouldn’t it be nice

Spindle Tree
Wouldn’t it be nice if the the symptoms had been treated early – The Spindle Tree has just been axed.
Spindle Tree Caterpillars
The caterpillars were causing too many unsightly problems.
New Pavement on High Street broken
Wouldn’t it be nice if the new High Street pavement had been a job well done.
Stella Bottle
Wouldn’t it be nice if ticket machines gave refunds.

Wouldn’t it be nice if … ?

2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be nice

  1. Colin

    It wouldn’t be Abingdon if some part of it was being dug up.

    I am used to seeing contractors digging up new paths/pavements to repair electric/gas/cables when the tarmac is barely a day or two old.

    Hope they do a better job on the War memorial. £60,000+ seems a very expensive estimate??.

  2. Ronald

    What a story. I always loved his acntig and when my friends who were not Mason asked about the craft I would tell them of the Famous people I know who belonged starting with George Washington and people from his era then on to more modern times and I would mention Red Skelton and Roy Rogers and on and on then I would puff up a bit and say Ernest Borgnine is also a mason and a 33rd at that and guess what else? He is a Virginia Mason! I always said that with such pride, not because HE was a Virginia Mason, but because I too am a Virginia Mason. What a wonderful Actor he was. Sadly, He passed away yesterday. Sunday the 8th of July 2012. He left behind wonderful films for those of us who didn’t know him personally. I watch them from time to time and feel as though I did know him though. Rest in Peace Brother Borgnino, rest in peace.


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