Light snow, Christmas tree recycling, Covid-19 support, and vaccines for over 80s

Snow and Christmas Tree Recycling
Looking out the back window this morning there was light snow on walls, and roofs.
Snow and Christmas Tree Recycling
Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council have sad that ‘Due to the current restrictions in place and the guidelines regarding social distancing we will not be carrying out the Christmas tree recycling event on the Market Place this year.

I have seen a few discarded trees. Some looking tatty. Others still look lush and green.

The Vale of White Horse District Council
says ‘While our garden waste service – which normally collects real Christmas trees from customers for recycling – is currently suspended, all residents can still drop off real Christmas trees.’ They list some locations but I have not checked whether this is still going ahead given the lockdown. Somebody might know.

The District Council also has a list of support they can give businesses and residents during the lockdown.

The South and Vale Community Hub team will put people in contact with with community groups and volunteers that can provide support. The council also have some practical support available for eligible people facing financial hardship or homelessness. Financial support for business affected by the restrictions continues to become available from the government and is administered locally by the district councils.
Snow and Christmas Tree Recycling
Meanwhile the roll out of the vaccines is progressing. I will be taking my mum, who is in her eighties – the second top priority group, to get her first jab tomorrow. She has just been notified. People are being warned that it is free and anybody trying to charge you is likely to be a scam.

2 thoughts on “Light snow, Christmas tree recycling, Covid-19 support, and vaccines for over 80s

  1. Janet

    I know lots of people who have now had the vaccine in the now vaccination centre in Abingdon. They are working flat out to vaccinate as many people as possible. We are very lucky to live in this area. Our relations in Cornwall and Norfolk have heard nothing about vaccinations.

  2. Janet

    In some areas there is a rent a Christmas tree scheme. People can rent growing Christmas trees in pots and then return them to be grown on in the year. People can even rent the same tree every year and some people have named their tree. This means that trees are not cut down needlesly and is more sustainable.


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