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A fallen branch

A branch fell last week from a tree near St Helen’s Church, near the window with the stained glass picture of St Helen. I was told it fell in the recent storms.

St Helen does not appear to have been in any great danger. The squirrels like the new climb.

Winter Sunset by the River Thames

Winter sunrises and sunsets are amazing! The sun hangs low in the sky, taking its time, making the show go on much longer. We had such a sunset yesterday.

The low sun gave an orange glow to water cascading at the weir

It cast an orange glow on the icy water of the cricket pitch.

And is seen here behind St Helen’s Church.

Autumn Leaves while the sun shines

Leaves are turning colour. The creeper on Bath Street, which was cut back a few years ago, has grown back, with a full display of red leaves this year.

The Liquid Amber trees on the Market Place have also got their fiery red autumn colour.

The Liquid Amber Trees around the War Memorial were planted at about the same time but look bigger in the smaller space.

The London Planes on St Helen’s Wharf provide shade and shelter in the summer. But in autumn, their leaves turn a golden yellow.

Queen Victoria, in the Abbey Gardens, has a view over many trees. Their autumn colours look at their best when the sun shines.