St Helen’s Wharf

St Helen's Wharf
Last night stars were bright and there was frost on car windscreens.
St Helen's Wharf
This morning a mist had formed, and we went for an walk in South Abingdon – starting at St Helen’s Wharf.
St Helen's Wharf
The waterside promenade at the wharf was created in 1884 after Christ’s Hospital demolished the Anchor Inn and the Almshouse Over the Water. Replacements were built on the other side of the road. I learnt that, and more, when making a video about the almshouses and St Helen’s Wharf last summer, with Jackie Smith.

If you haven’t seen the video then here is a new version – without music. The music was a bit distracting, but I thought at the time it would add atmosphere.

3 thoughts on “St Helen’s Wharf

  1. Mary

    A very interesting video, thank you. Aren’t we lucky to have such ancient buildings still used and still cared for.

  2. John Mears

    Very interesting video, particular the old painting showing St Helen’s bridge crossing the mouth of the Ock, precursor to what we see today.


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