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St Helen’s Wharf

St Helen's Wharf
Last night stars were bright and there was frost on car windscreens.
St Helen's Wharf
This morning a mist had formed, and we went for an walk in South Abingdon – starting at St Helen’s Wharf.
St Helen's Wharf
The waterside promenade at the wharf was created in 1884 after Christ’s Hospital demolished the Anchor Inn and the Almshouse Over the Water. Replacements were built on the other side of the road. I learnt that, and more, when making a video about the almshouses and St Helen’s Wharf last summer, with Jackie Smith.

If you haven’t seen the video then here is a new version – without music. The music was a bit distracting, but I thought at the time it would add atmosphere.

Reports from the White Horse District Council but no Christmas Quackers

Anyone whose green wheelie bin day should have been emptied on Friday 25th will have to wait until Tuesday 29th because Friday 25th is Christmas Day. I found that out on the White Horse DC website.
Weather for Ducks
The web site also has a news release from 22nd December, titled Cabinet decision on Old Abbey House accepted by watchdog. The decision on the future of Old Abbey House was made on 4th December and will not be announced until the new year. The Council’s Scrutiny Committee found on 15th December the process to be fair, and no information was unduly kept from the public and they asked for complete transparency in communicating the decision where possible.

The council also have New Covid-19 grants available now for pubs.

We are asked to Protect friends and family this Christmas and help stop the spread of Covid-19 and so there will be no great Christmas getaway this year.
Weather for Ducks
A lot of people have already finished work for Christmas, but key workers in the health service and care homes work throughout.
Weather for Ducks
The mid winter so far has been bleak because of the national news but not frosty. There were snowdrops outside Old Abbey House today.
Weather for Ducks
There was a lot of rain today, and somebody said to me that it was lovely weather for ducks. Curious as to whether it really was so lovely I went to ask a couple. I did not get a reply – not a single quack. I have no Christmas quackers to report this year.

Future of Vale of White Horse district survey – just 4 days to go

White Horse
Vale of White Horse district councillors have put together a plan for the future of the district and they want you to let them know what you think of it.

The survey – launched in July – is a chance to have your say on the priorities for the council in the next few years. The survey will run until Thursday 13 August so a few days to go.

Councillors have identified six areas they need to focus on:

Theme 1: Providing the homes people need
Theme 2: Tackling the climate emergency
Theme 3: Building healthy communities
Theme 4: Building stable council finances
Theme 5: Working in partnership with other organisations
Theme 6: Working in an open and inclusive way

The Survey is at
White Horse

Thank you for the thought for today

Thought for Today
Thankyou to the Abingdon-on-Thames Parish team who have recorded a Thought for Today from Monday to Friday since the 13th April. The last recording was for June 30th with Revd Paul Smith on becoming friends of time. The recordings are all still available at
Thought for Today
They have ended for now. Normal life is resuming. That may be a new normal.

The churches of St Helen’s and St Nicolas have been open for personal prayer.
St Helen’s:
Wednesday 11 am – 1pm
Saturday 11 am – 1pm
St Nicolas (in the Market Square):
Monday 10 am – 1pm

Churches are allowed to open from July 4th if they have measures to stop Covid-19 transmission. That will include distancing, hygiene, and information.