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Europe Day – 9th May

Thankyou to Brian who sent this picture celebrating Europe Day! It shows the European Flag flying above the County Hall Museum in Abingdon.

Brian says, ‘It has been the flag of the Council of Europe since 1955. The UK is a founding member of the Council and, of course, is still a member.’

‘Much later, in 1985, the same flag was also adopted by the EC.’

Big Day for Lidl

It is a big day for Lidl in Abingdon. Staff were busy on last minute preparations for opening the new Lidl supermarket on the Fairacres Retail Park. The Abingdon Lidl is one new store out of a hundred to be opened in 2021/22. A press release said  ‘£1.3bn investment plans for 2021 and 2022 will drive the opening of 100 additional stores across Great Britain’.

A hoarding was being driven round Abingdon with the words ‘Big on Abingdon … Drum roll please, opens Thurs 29 April …‘.

Also of note are four new electric car charging points at Lidl.

On the Fairacres sign can be seen Homebase and Lidl are opening soon. The Gym, Costa Coffee, and Bathstore will also be opening soon.

The Fairacres Phase 2 re-development is nearly completed. Contractors are busy converting the ground nearest the Marcham Road roundabout into a Homebase garden and outdoor area.

One thing that has not changed is the postbox on Nuffield Way. Everything around it changed during the re-development.

Traffic at 5 pm through Abingdon

There was very heavy traffic heading into Abingdon at 5 pm today.

The queue into Abingdon stretched out of sight towards Culham on the A415.

The traffic was also heavy going up West St Helen Street.

More people must have returned to work and school in April 2021 and traffic looks close to pre-pandemic levels.

The traffic was at its quietest during the second week of the first lockdown. The recent lockdown saw a smaller reduction.

Abbey Fish Ponds – April 2021

Today was another sunny day in the current warm spell that follows a cool start to April.

Looking down from the earth mounds, at the centre of the Abbey Fishponds nature reserve, the fenland below is half green where the sedges have been cut back and are growing back fresh, and a straw colour where last year’s dry stems have been left.

Sedges can be seen growing from the edge of the boggy ground.

The pools are also being surrounded by green leaves.

Round the edges of the nature reserve new trees are growing from their protective sheaths.

From the woodland areas lots of Lords and Ladies can be developing their male flowers, the so called Cuckoo-pint.

There are a lot of birds singing and fighting for space, particularly in the wooded areas.

There are also early insects such as this Orange-tip Butterfly.

At the entrances to the Nature Reserve are notices warning of ticks. Ticks can transmit microbes that cause illnesses like Lyme disease.