Abingdon 100 years ago – July 1922

1st July 1922

Interesting work has been undertaken by the Abingdon Branch of the Berks Archaeological Society—the excavation of the site of the old Abingdon Abbey Church, on the grounds of the Abingdon Abbey House, which was the residence of the late Bishop of Reading who, before his death, gave the great privilege to the archaeologists. The work is being carried out with the support of the London Society of Antiquaries, and under the direction of the Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments, in connection with the Government Board of Works.

The funeral took place at Abingdon Cemetery on Thursday afternoon in the last week of Mr A, H. Emmens, who died the previous Monday, at the age of 69 years. The first portion of the service was held in St. Nicolas Church. and was conducted by the Vicar and the Rev. R, C. MacKeown, Assistant Priest on the parochial staff. Many of the tradespeople and others, were present at the service. The deceased was well known in the town for his life-long services to the social element and was the principal figure in the old Abingdon Amateur Dramatic Society. He was also a keen supporter and treasurer of the Abingdon Angling Society. In his business capacity he was for many years, and up to the time of his death, a valued and trustworthy servant chief clerk in the wine and spirit firm of Messrs Belcher and Habgood.

8th July 1922

At the Free Church united service in Abingdon last week the address was given by Mr John Nash, of Mansfield College. Oxford, his subject being,” The Society of Friends and reunion of the Churches.”

The Church Army Evangelists, now on a pilgrimage from Leicester, visited Abingdon on Monday and stayed until Wednesday. Services were held on Monday in different parts of the town, and in the evening of both Monday and Tuesday rally meetings were held in the Market Place.

An interesting baptismal service was held at St. Helen’s Church on Monday when the infant son of Captain and Mrs Hugh Bailie was baptized. The infant was given the names of Douglas Michael Hugh, and the sponsors were Lady Miller, Major Ferrar, and Mr Sholto Bailie. The font was beautifully decorated. The infant is the grandson of the late Major-General Bailie, of Caldecott House, Abingdon.

ln the list of successful scholarship awards by the Berkshire County Council the following names appear: Seniors—Arthur F. James; Intermediates —Sydney Hunt and Norman Pearson, all of Roysse School, Abingdon. The Junior list included Kathleen Fairthorne, St. Helen’s High School for Girls; Ida Crook, Council School; and John G. Randall and H. Stone, Abingdon Church Boys’ School.

15th July 1922

On Saturday last Hospital Fair Day was held at Abingdon in the place of Alexandra Day when the proceeds went to the Abingdon Sanatorium and the North Berks Nursing Home and Oxford Eye Hospital. The various stalls, &c,. were well patronised, as were motor-boat joy rides from The Anchor.

The wholly unemployed register last week at the Abingdon Labour Exchange was practically the same as the previous week, viz 140, but the number registered as short-timers increased from 147 the week previous to 223, viz., 98 men, 112 women, 4 boys and 9 girls.

A runaway horse was pluckily stopped in Abingdon by the Abingdon Junior Sergeant at Mace, Mr George Ashdown, formerly of London. The horse attached to a van, bolted across the Market Place last week when Mr Ashdown ran and jumped up on the van and secured the reins. He was heartily congratulated by several spectators.

The Trinity Slate Club, Abingdon. had their annual outing on Thursday last week, when they went by motor bus to Henley. The weather was better than anticipated, and the party had an enjoyable time.

At the Abingdon Borough Police Court on Tuesday, Cyril Hodnett, of Marcham Mill, was fined 10s for riding a bicycle without a light, on Faringdon Road. Ernest Harrison, a commercial traveller, was fined £1 for being drunk and disorderly the previous day in High Street, Abingdon.

The Abingdon Baptists held a very successful sale of work in the Schoolroom on Thursday last week, being unable in consequence of the wet weather from holding it outdoor. The sale was opened by the Mayoress. Mrs C. Rippon, A concert was held in the Old British School in the evening. The proceeds of the day were in aid of clearing off debt on the Church expenses.

The funeral took place at Abingdon Cemetery, on Wednesday afternoon in the last week of Mrs Ward, wife of Mr Fred Ward, farrier, Bath Street. Abingdon, in the presence of a large number of friends and sympathisers. The deceased was a most devoted but unassuming church worker, and her husband is an old St Helen’s chorister. In the morning the funeral Requiem Mass was celebrated at St. Helen’s Church, the Vicar being the celebrant. The funeral service was held in St. Michael’s Church at which the choir attended, and at which the congregation included the former Vicar of Abingdon, Rev. T. Maitland. The deceased’s favourite hymns were sung in the Church and at the graveside. The floral tributes were numerous.

22nd July 1922

The late Mr Maurice John Dauglish, of Corhill House. Abingdon, Berkshire, left an estate value at £11,745.

The Garden Fete in connection with the Abingdon Branch of the Cirencester Conservative Benefit Society, which was announced to take place on the grounds kindly lent by the Mayor of Abingdon, on Thursday last week, had to be indefinitely postponed in consequence of the inclement weather.

The Abingdon Troup of Girl Guides held a garden fete on Thursday afternoon last week, on the grounds of Mr C. E. Belcher, the Chestnuts, Northcourt, Abingdon. Owing to the inclement weather a large barn was made use of for the stalls, competitions, etc.

At the Abingdon Borough Police Court on Tuesday the only case was that of William Lay, dealer, of Winterbourne Road, summoned for assaulting William Bond, labourer, Bury Street, in the Abingdon market, on the 6th inst. The defendant pleaded guilty and was fined £1.

At the Abingdon County Bench on Monday last, Arthur Windebank, farm labourer, of Hare Green, Upper Basildon, Berks, having an army pension, was summoned for maintenance of the male child of Elsie May Stimpson, of Sunningwell, born Nov. 22nd, 1919. The defendant had paid 7s 8d per week up to February last. An order was made for 10s a week and Court costs. —Herbert Farmer was summoned (on non-payment of a maintenance order made on behalf of the child of Edith Butcher, of Steventon. The child was born on 15th Feb. 1920, and the arrears amounted to £l5 I9s, and a warrant had been issued. The defendant was discharged having paid £7 since the warrant was issued and promising to pay £7 per quarter.

29th July 1922

At the County Bench Mrs Annie Alder, farmer of Sutton Courtenay applied for an ejectment order against James Mattingly from a cottage on the farm. The applicant stated she wanted the cottage for a man to take charge of the farm, her husband was in an institution, and the one she had engaged left because the cottage was not available. Order for possession in 21 days.

An extension license from 12 to 9.30 p.m.. on the occasion Milton Flower Show was granted to T. Summersby, of the Railway Inn,”

At the Abingdon Board Guardians meeting last week the Master reported that the inmates of the house for the past quarter was 101, as against 83 in last year’s corresponding period, and the total cost was £935 8s 11d, compared with £985 19s 4d. a decrease of £50 10s 5d. The number of children from the Union in Cowley Poor Law Schools, Oxford, was 18 as against 21.

The competitions for the Preston Challenge Cup, presented by Alderman A. E. Preston of ‘Whitefields’, Park Crescent, Abingdon came off on the Albert Park Greens, Thursday last, when 12 teams entered the competition. The cup was held last year by Palmer’s Park Club, Reading. The semi-final was between South Oxford and Oxford City, and East Oxford and Abingdon. In the final, East Oxford beat South Oxford 20 to 18. The trophy and medals were presented to the teams by Mr Preston.

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  1. Geoffrey Bailey

    Interesting that the guy from Marcham Mill was fined as much as 10s.In the 50s our father was only fined 7s/6p.

  2. rudi

    i still recall there being a giant pile of coal half way down ock street in front of a coal merchants in recent history before it became houses.


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