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Abingdon Christmas Extravaganza 2023

Despite the lack of real snow, artificial snow added a touch of winter magic to the scene of the Christmas Extravaganza.

It was cold enough for snow. The cold made me feel sorry for the stallholders who stood out all day from 9 am to 4 pm. On Bath Street, there were a mix of festive stalls, stalls seen at the local excellence markets, community groups, and children’s fair rides.
There were also performers on Bath Street, and donkeys from the donkey sanctuary

At noon, there was a parade led by the Oxford Caledonian Pipe & Drum Band. The parade  featured a number of the youngsters, and performers from the day.

The Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council came near the end of the parade,

followed by Father Christmas and some of his elves.
There were some stalls on Bury Street. The community shop in Bury Street had Christmas craft activities for children.

A lorry provided the main box stage on the Market Place, near which sponsors had their gazebos, as well as food and drink stalls.

Town Council staff worked on the lights until the last minute, even stringing up lights on the real tree as the Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers performed. The contractor who was due to set up the lights on the Christmas Tree was hit by a drunk driver, while on their previous job, and is now in hospital. The Town Council pulled out all the stops to get the lights up.
At 6 pm the lights were successfully turned on, and instead of the much complained about real fireworks of last year, Katy Ellis with her Katy Perry Tribute Show sang Firework and other songs.

The new tree in Roysse Court looks much better now that it’s lit. Abingdon Town Council organises the lights.

The Abingdon Events Partnership organised this and many other events in Abingdon.

Abingdon Baptist Church Christmas Fayre (and free tokens for 35 Ock Street)

The Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames opened the Abingdon Baptist Church Christmas Fayre at 10 am. 

The Town Crier announced that purchasers could enjoy a ‘plethora of perusing pulpitude’, or something similar. He knows some long words and strings them together in an astonishing alliterative assemblage.

Inside there was a lot to buy.

On the way in, we were given a Christmas Card with the word ‘JOY’ and tokens to get free drinks from 35 Ock Street, the Church in Abingdon’s open cafe, on the premises. We got two coffees and bought a large piece of carrot cake for £1.60 that we shared. My wife said it was the best carrot cake she’d ever tasted.

Early Christmas Lights

Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council’s contractor has started installing the Christmas lights, including the Market Place candles, which have been a tradition for many years.

This year, there are also new lights, including a new tree outside the Guildhall. This conical plastic structure is an eye-catching addition to the town’s Christmas decorations, with a large windmill-like snowdrop at the top and snowdrops around the base.

We will have to wait until the Christmas Extravaganza on Saturday, 2nd December 2023, to see the new tree in all its glory.

Now for eleven months without

Twelfth Night
At Preston Road Community Centre, we had three Christmas trees, one in the large hall, one in the hallway and one in the lounge. There were also foil ceiling decorations in three of the rooms.
Twelfth Night
Today was the time to take them all down and store them away. As I wound the long string of lights, I wondered about leaving instructions for unwinding. One wrong move and they can get into such a tangle.
Twelfth Night
The rooms have returned to a simpler state for the next eleven months.