Giant Christmas tree and more Advent windows

A giant Christmas tree has become a festive landmark along Picklers Hill in Abingdon.

Picklers Hill is next to South Avenue, the estate that first did advent windows in Abingdon, and they have another good display in 2023.

Day 10 was ‘Batman Saves Christmas after Joker steals presents – the Abingdon Press.’

Day 24 is a nativity scene.

Not long to go. Its is 22:36 and the bells of St Helen’s are ringing, calling people to the Candlelit Midnight Mass.

3 thoughts on “Giant Christmas tree and more Advent windows

  1. Martin Gulliver

    Merry Christmas to all readers and contributers… and to Alistair especially… have a wonderful time and a safe and peaceful New year 🙏


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