A Memory Tree

Thanks to Daniel for this picture of the Memory Tree.

In south Abingdon, near the marina, a tree is decorated with Christmas decorations and messages to loved ones. Many of the messages are from people who have missed loved ones who have died.

These messages have been on the tree all Christmas; today’s wind and rain knocked a few down.

Further along the river bank, a cuddly panda sat alone in the rain. The panda and the memory tree both seemed sad. Even sadder was a hearse that stopped for a few moments by the River Thames, with the word, DAUGHTER, in flowers by the coffin.

3 thoughts on “A Memory Tree

  1. Red kite

    The memory tree has appeared for the last few years, there is always a good collection of messages attached to the tree from people who have lost loved ones.
    A nice gesture from whoever sets it up each time and a small comfort for those that leave memory notes

  2. The Lady

    I think the memory tree is lovely..nice to have something like that in the town…the bigest eyesore is THE SHACKwith all that rubbish on Ock street and also making difficult for the disabled


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