New Chapter with the right medicine

It is over three years since The Old Chemist business closed, and the windows were boarded up ten days ago. A legal notice has been stuck to the door, saying that the landlord has changed the locks and taken back possession. It gives the leaseholder fourteen days to apply to retrieve what is left inside, or their possessions will be sold or disposed of. The Abingdon Herald had more details of the history of The Old Chemist Gin Bar at

The clock ticks for the old leaseholder, but this will begin a new chapter for a building that once housed Abingdon Library and Smiths the Chemist. A prescription of business know-how and a dose of creativity will see the building up and about.

Avicenna, the chemist chain who took over Smiths, is the landlord.

4 thoughts on “New Chapter with the right medicine

  1. Tim

    In common with landlords up and down the country, this landlord can change the locks and reposess the property, why can’t the Council do the same with The Upper Reaches?


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