The festivities are over for most Christmas Trees

Brown bin subscribers have been ending the festivities by putting out their real Christmas trees. Some of the trees look majestic and could have been kept on until the end of January. However, after fulfilling their festive duties, the trees will be collected, composted and sold to local farmers.

Outside, temperatures dipped, and in the late afternoon, fine snowflakes flew about. One Christmas Tree still shone at Annie’s Tearoom, next to the palm trees.

5 thoughts on “The festivities are over for most Christmas Trees

  1. Daniel

    …I appreciate that it’s all about “money money money”; but wouldn’t it be nice if we, the rate payers were given free compost (more than once in a blue moon).

    I know of other councils where the “brown bin” (equivalent) composted waste is available 24/7 at the local waste recycling centre for any resident to come and take what they like (for free).

    While we’re at it…those same councils pull out any “recycling” from their waste recycling centres for people to then also take and make use of – and a charity box if one wishes to leave a donation. “One mans rubbish is another mans treasure” etc. (apologies, I guess we can’t use that non-inclusive phrase anymore).

    I guess, for that forward thinking, thrusting, innovative council; they are interested in “recycling”. Whereas we are only interested in money?

    Welcome to Oxfordshire!

    1. Chris

      It’s taken to a facility near Benson run by Severn Trent Green Power for the Vale, where it’s processed and mostly sold to farmers.
      We got a free tractor-trailer load for the allotments in Steventon, but we had to collect it from there.
      It wasn’t bad, but it did contain quantities of viable wild bird seed and amounts of plastic etc dumped in the garden waste.

      1. Daniel

        Useful to know Chris; Like I said, other places get as much as they like for free.

        Perhaps their council officers are more proficient at negotiating a useful deal for their community and rate payers 🤷‍♂️

        1. Freddie Pratley

          Can you name the other councils Daniel, so we can all take a look and consider how the Vale can improve matters?

          1. Daniel

            I can; but I will not – not while there are council officers gainfully employed to ensure the rate payer gets “value for money” on its services.

            I mean I will…but then someone needs to come and do my job, for me.

            It is not hard to search around, in general, to see councils doing things better than the Vale.

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