Flood Waters Begin to Recede

This picture shows Rye Farm Carpark at sunrise today, where one car is stranded.

The water level at the Tesco Carpark was receding with the setting sun, but half of the area was underwater.

Water levels are going down in the rivers and surrounding fields. Abingdon’s roads are clear of flood water, but St Helen’s Wharf remains closed, waiting somebody official to remove the barriers.

The Margaret Brown Gardens also remained closed. The Geese were settling down this evening without passers-by to disturb them.

The road to recovery will be more challenging for residents whose homes were hit by the flooding. Stuck vehicles and waterlogged boats pose difficulties for others.

1 thought on “Flood Waters Begin to Recede

  1. Martin Gulliver

    Good to see the water receding this morning. It came up to the house but not in luckily…my heart goes out to those who got flooded as we know what it’s like from 2007.


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