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Exhibition: working at Abingdon Community Hospital during Covid-19

Becca Collacott is a talented local photographer who works at the Abingdon Community Hospital. Since the start of the lockdown, she has taken some lovely pictures of Abingdon and its wildlife. She has also taken pictures of colleagues working at the Abingdon Emergency Multidisciplinary Unit (EMU) throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Becca describes her experience working at the EMU. ‘When we were at the beginning of COVID-19 it was a very frightening time for us all. Having to step into the unknown left me unsure of the impact the pandemic would have on the patients and my work colleagues. I am proud to say that we badgered on and tackled what the days had in store …’

The exhibition is at Cosenor House from September 6th – 8th (10am to 9pm). It shows NHS colleagues working during the pandemic. There are also some Abingdon and wildlife pictures.

‘Pingdemic’ forces preacher to self isolate

At Trinity Church, in Abingdon, we are following the latest government pandemic guidance. Unlike the nightclubs seen in national newspapers we are not at the leading edge and are cautiously moving forward. For the first time people did not need to book in advance. There were more seats available but people could still socially distance. Masks were worn and the songs were still played from videos – not sung.

The preacher was pinged by the NHS Covid-19 app to say she needed to self isolate, and handed on her sermon and notes to another preacher. He began by saying “You may have heard of the ‘Pingdemic’…”

NOTE: Pingdemic is a play on words from ‘pandemic’ and being ‘pinged’ (notified by the NHS app that you have been in contact with somebody who has Covid-19 and that you should self isolate).

The service went smoothly. The sermon and notes must have been very clear.

Oxfam re-opened today in Abingdon

During the pandemic the supermarkets have increased their delivery service and click and collect service. Priority delivery slots have been kept for older and vulnerable customers, including this one pictured by Tesco to the almshouses.

Mostly Books were one of the local shops that seemed to adapt quickly to – never experienced before – trading conditions. They offered deliveries and introduced click and collect.

Oxfam re-opened today in Abingdon, a couple of days later than most shops. Let us hope they don’t have to all shut again. Shop safely 🙂

Lockdown restrictions eased in a mid-Spring snow fall

Just before 9 am this morning some barbers were already busy. Queues had formed outside those yet to re-open.

Pubs with gardens, like the Nags Head, were all prepared and have been taking bookings.

Pubs, non-essential shops, hairdressers, indoor gyms, and nail salons can all re-open from today under the easing of Covid lockdown restrictions.

Snow had been forecast but it was still a surprise to see it mid-April.

Flowers and plants huddled down to keep warm until the snow melted.

The Monday Market had all the stalls back again for the first time this year.

P.S. By noon, the sun was shining and the snow had melted.