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32 Flats replace New Abbey Court Offices

32 Flats
The building previously known as New Abbey Court is being converted from offices into a total of 32 flats. The original planning application for this building submitted in 2013 was more radical and involved a rebuild, and was objected to by a number of local people including the Friends of Abingdon Civic Society.

The new plans do not change the look of the buildings apart from creating an additional entrance from Old Station Yard. The scaffold has been put up to allow the external building to be given a facelift.
32 Flats
There will only be parking for three cars and so most of the new tenants will either not have cars or need somewhere to park in the town centre. The approved plans for 32 flats can be seen at P17/V2427/PDO. Some of the flats do look quite small – they start from 31 square metres. Further plans for the minor external changes were submitted earlier this month.

New Abbey Court  contained a number of offices round a gated courtyard, and was built in the mid 1980s, after 55-59 Stert Street were demolished. I believe The Abbey Press was at number 57 for some time; Burgess (Abingdon) Ltd were at number 55 until 1961. Then number 55 was converted to a shop called Deaney’s – possibly furniture. The Registrar and Public Assistance offices were at number 59 for some time.

X13 to the JR

Wind and Rain
There is not much to choose between the X2 X3 or X13 buses when going from Abingdon to Oxford. They all end up at Oxford City Centre.

The X13 however then goes all the way to the John Radcliffe Hospital (JR). Twenty minutes after dropping people off at the city centre it drops passengers off at the JR. Given that car parking at the JR is so expensive, and difficult to find, it is worth considering next time there is a non emergency situation.

This Sunday between 5.30am to 2pm there will be some disruption to the X13 bus route as a portable building is lifted in position at the JR. It is being put there to help speed up patient admissions at A&E (Accident and Emergency). The JR portakabin service will be led by GPs and provide treatment for patients who could be ‘more appropriately’ helped outside hospital.

The X13 will be diverted to the top end of the hospital while the portakabin is lifted into position.

Wind and Rain

Wind and Rain
George sent me this picture of a tree blown down across Thesiger Road, Abingdon, about 10.30 am today, 24th January. There has been a lot of wind and rain over the last few days.
Wind and Rain
The River Ock is higher than usual but has not reached the new flood wall that was built in 2017.

2nd Meeting for townpeople to voice concerns about the Guildhall’s future

Abingdons turbulent present
The second public meeting about the Guildhall’s future also had a strong turnout with well over 100 people including about 8 councillors. The meeting had moved from the Roysse Room to St Helen’s Church, and everybody did get admitted this time. As can be seen, not many young people were there.

The format was much the same as last week and similar points were raised. It was pointed out by one speaker that it made it difficult to have ‘a discussion’ when the Town Council would not answer any questions or respond to any points raised.