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Back to Black buses going back-to-back

Two buses arrived on Abingdon High Street this afternoon, the 33 and 44. The 33 and 44 bus routes were changed this month. The Abingdon to Oxford section of the 33 bus route is now operated by the 44 bus. The 44 bus goes from Abingdon to Oxford via Cumnor. The 33 now goes from Abingdon to Henley-on-Thames.

They are both advertising the Amy Winehouse film “Back to Black,” now on at the Abbey Cinema.

X is for X3 and X2 and X1 (Abingdon <-> Oxford buses)

Being in the front seat on the top deck of the X3 bus has all the excitement of a fairground ride, but you don’t get an announcer shouting, ‘Scream if you want to go faster’. Instead, every stop is announced by a calming voice, ‘Vineyard… Our Ladys Abingdon … Oxford Road shops …’

There were two Lib Dem posters up the Oxford Road. That is fewer than in previous local elections, and the amount of literature through the door is also reduced.

At the Boundary House, the X3 passed another X3 coming the other way. The drivers waved. My first car was a VW Beetle, and we used to wave to other Beetle owners.

At Peachcroft Roundabout, a new flood alleviation pool is visible. Apparently, flooding in North Abingdon after the recent rains is being blamed on the new housing. The latest Abingdon Herald has a headline about calls to stop further house building until the flood risk is sorted.

Returning to Abingdon, I missed the X3, but the X2 arrived soon afterwards to pick up passengers at St Aldates to Abingdon.

Another X3 had just arrived from Abingdon, coming the other way. Then came the X1, the Wantage, Abingdon, Oxford bus.

41 – Abingdon Town Bus

Abingdon Town Bus
The 41 Abingdon Town bus was withdrawn when the County Council withdrew funding for a lot of the subsidised bus routes, but has been re-introduced with a year’s funding of £30,000 thanks to Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council.

In addition to the old route of the Town Centre and Fairacres and South Abingdon the bus now also connects with the Leisure Centre and Hadland Road Community Centre.
Abingdon Town Bus
The bus stops on Stratton Way
Abingdon Town Bus
instead of the war memorial, which means there are not a lot of buses stopping at the war memorial anymore – just the S8 to Wantage.

Pride in Abingdon

Pride in Abingdon
The Oxford Bus Company have created a rainbow bus in support of Oxford Pride. It says Embracing Diversity across our City
Pride in Abingdon
The bus comes to Abingdon as the X3 or X13, and also does some Oxford City routes. Oxford Pride 2018 is between 25th May and 3rd June with the Pride Day parade on Saturday 2nd June.