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41 – Abingdon Town Bus

Abingdon Town Bus
The 41 Abingdon Town bus was withdrawn when the County Council withdrew funding for a lot of the subsidised bus routes, but has been re-introduced with a year’s funding of £30,000 thanks to Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council.

In addition to the old route of the Town Centre and Fairacres and South Abingdon the bus now also connects with the Leisure Centre and Hadland Road Community Centre.
Abingdon Town Bus
The bus stops on Stratton Way
Abingdon Town Bus
instead of the war memorial, which means there are not a lot of buses stopping at the war memorial anymore – just the S8 to Wantage.

Pride in Abingdon

Pride in Abingdon
The Oxford Bus Company have created a rainbow bus in support of Oxford Pride. It says Embracing Diversity across our City
Pride in Abingdon
The bus comes to Abingdon as the X3 or X13, and also does some Oxford City routes. Oxford Pride 2018 is between 25th May and 3rd June with the Pride Day parade on Saturday 2nd June.

X13 to the JR

Wind and Rain
There is not much to choose between the X2 X3 or X13 buses when going from Abingdon to Oxford. They all end up at Oxford City Centre.

The X13 however then goes all the way to the John Radcliffe Hospital (JR). Twenty minutes after dropping people off at the city centre it drops passengers off at the JR. Given that car parking at the JR is so expensive, and difficult to find, it is worth considering next time there is a non emergency situation.

This Sunday between 5.30am to 2pm there will be some disruption to the X13 bus route as a portable building is lifted in position at the JR. It is being put there to help speed up patient admissions at A&E (Accident and Emergency). The JR portakabin service will be led by GPs and provide treatment for patients who could be ‘more appropriately’ helped outside hospital.

The X13 will be diverted to the top end of the hospital while the portakabin is lifted into position.

Bus Service 41 to be improved, while Bus Services 42, 43, and 44 are cut.

Oxfordshire County Council will be withdrawing subsidies on all bus services from 20th July 2016. That will mean that some services will cease – including the 44 and 44a, and the Abingdon Town Bus service routes 42, and 43 round North Abingdon.
41 Bus
However the third part of this Abingdon Town Bus Service, Service 41, appears to be viable. It will be enhanced and extended to provide a half hourly service between Abingdon Town Centre, Tesco / Fairacres Retail Park, Community Hospital and South Abingdon between 08:30 and 15:00 on Mondays to Fridays. It will no longer run on Saturday.