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Galaxy TecnO are moving over the road

Galaxy TecnO
Galaxy TecnO are moving from the shop they have been in since October 2012.
Galaxy TecnO
They are moving over the road to the shop previously used by Patisserie Pascal. I believe Galaxy TecnO have been interested in making this move for quite a while, and so it is good to see it has come off.

They opened for business today, but continue to move the rest of the shop this evening. Galaxy-TecnO repair PCs, mobiles and tablets; buy PCs, mobiles, and tablets and sell refurbished devices; and sell PC and laptop accessories.

Today we go in Mason’s Wool Shop

wool patch
Gazing at the Abingdon 1556-2006 quilt in the library,
wool patch
I take a picture of the patch from Mason’s Wool Shop in Stert Street.

The first mention of Masons Wool Shop, in the Hooke’s Abingdon Directories, is in 1942. That must make it one of Abingdon’s longest running businesses, and older than the two Mason’s shops in Bath Street.
wool patch
Mason’s wool shop has a modest front. There is a display of wool in one window and fabric in the other. Above the shop sign is a blue plaque that reads “John Alder ‘The fortunate cooper‘ of the Mitre Inn lived here when he won the lottery in 1767. He gave much of his fortune to the town.”

Stepping inside the shop you first walk through an area displaying upholstery / curtain material, together with rolls of wipe-clean table cover material. There are also lots of buttons and other crafty things. Information about John Alder, with his picture, is displayed beside curtain runners, hooks, and cord ends.

The assistants serve from a large wooden counter that is large enough to measure and cut material.
wool patch
But what is most unexpected is the tardis-like dimensions of the shop. It just goes on and on and on – with wool trailing away into the distance.

Countdown to Space Walking with an Astronaut in Abingdon

Space Walking
One of NASA’s most experienced veteran astronauts, British born Dr.Michael Foale, will be in Abingdon this week. The picture shows him taking part in an epic eight-hour spacewalk in 1999 to upgrade the computer on the Hubble Space Telescope. The Hubble Telescope continues to bring images and discoveries eighteen years on.

He will be giving a public lecture at the Amey Theatre at 7:30pm on Tuesday 30th January.

At the last count (21:07 on 28/01/2018) there were just 16 tickets in the theatre upstairs and down. The countdown is on. There may still be tickets available from here.