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First Election Poster – 100 days to go

First Election Poster
I saw my first election poster in St Peters Road, Abingdon.

First Election Poster
Since this is a marginal seat, Lord Ashcroft has been polling Oxford West and Abingdon as one of his 114 Constituency Polls.

There are just 100 days to go until the General Election on May 7th (from 26th Jan 2015).

The District Council and Town Council elections will be on the same day. There will be a Town Council meeting this Wednesday (28th Jan at 7 pm at the Guildhall), including a discussion on the future of the Guildhall. So if you are interested in standing, why not go along and see what it’s like.

Saturday Morning in Town – Slippery in Places

Slippery in Places
This Saturday the walk by the Thames in Abingdon was slippery in places, but the air did not feel as cold as previous days.
Slippery in Places
People were running round Rye Farm Meadow, and at Abingdon Lock, but taking it more easily than usual – the weekly Parkrun time trail had been cancelled because of ice.
Slippery in Places
I gather the A34 northbound was closed at the Milton Interchange because of another accident involving a heavy good vehicle. Traffic was diverted through Steventon, Drayton and Abingdon, causing other routes to get slowed up.
Slippery in Places
There were lots of people at the coffee houses on what was a bright sunny day.

The town crier was out and about announcing the Local Excellence Market next Saturday (31st Jan 2015). The Abingdon Country Market (formerly known as WI Market) will be taking part. They have been excluded from the Farmers Market so this is an alternative outlet.

Church in Abingdon Quiz 2015

Church in Abingdon Quiz
The annual Church in Abingdon Quiz was held at Peachcroft Christian Centre this evening. There were only 7 church teams this year – not the usual 11 or 12. So I cannot explain that.

All of the teams, apart from St Michael’s, struggled with the bible questions this year.

None of us did too well on local knowledge either … Could you do any better?
Church in Abingdon Quiz
What is this Abingdon Road and when was the picture taken?

Teams did better at Geography, Science, Music (TV signature tunes), and general knowledge (who was murdered in the Cluedo Game?).

St Michael’s won the quiz this year.

All Saints are next year’s hosts. As winners of the picture round – identifying British Cities – they were told afterwards that made them next year’s hosts.
Church in Abingdon Quiz
It has been a busy week for the Church in Abingdon. Throughout the week different ministers have led prayers at St Nicolas’ Church.

There is a collective meeting for worship at Christchurch on Sunday 3pm.

And the Church in Abingdon is running a number of Alpha Courses.