First Election Poster – 100 days to go

First Election Poster
I saw my first election poster in St Peters Road, Abingdon.

First Election Poster
Since this is a marginal seat, Lord Ashcroft has been polling Oxford West and Abingdon as one of his 114 Constituency Polls.

There are just 100 days to go until the General Election on May 7th (from 26th Jan 2015).

The District Council and Town Council elections will be on the same day. There will be a Town Council meeting this Wednesday (28th Jan at 7 pm at the Guildhall), including a discussion on the future of the Guildhall. So if you are interested in standing, why not go along and see what it’s like.

11 thoughts on “First Election Poster – 100 days to go

  1. Dunmore Resident

    I wonder what her policy is on..

    The new Vale development plan,

    Housing overdevelopment of Abingdon with no resources,

    A34 lodgehill interchange

    A34 in general

    before anyone actually votes for her..

  2. Dunmore Resident

    Although no worse than career politicians from the ‘Westminster village’, and at least they might have more of an idea about real life !

  3. Janet

    There has been a program on Radio as to does democracy work? It works less that ever. Most MP’s are career politicians and have no experience of working life or the working class. Most are public school educated. Even the labour party had no interest in the UK’s population and its concerns. One only has to remember Gordon Brown. To understand people one should be prepared to walk a mile in their shoes. I cannot see any M P who would be prepared to survive a couple of weeks on job seekers allowance. Most would be prepared to spend that on a bottle of wine.

  4. Simon

    I for one, like Nicola Blackwood (unpopular opinion perhaps), aside from being the only MP to ever respond to a letter, she always speaks up on local issues, albeit not the ones that seem to fire up the people ….she is also really hot!

  5. newcomer

    Absolutely right, Janet. I too listened to the Radio Four programme. There’s been a growing undercurrent of disillusionment with politicians for a long time that’s now breaking through to the mainstream helped by increased usage of the internet.

    We’re now in for over three months of sitting and prospective politicians beating their breasts for the electorate and trying to seem compassionate. There’ll be lot’s of promises, few of which will be feasible and fewer of which will be kept.

    If you knock their performance they’ll ask whether you believe in democracy to which your answer should be, ‘Yes, but not as promoted by you’. Political parties are self-interested groups with their leaders and cabinets open to partial influences. All initiatives and no delivery.

    As for Dr Helen Salisbury .. at least she’s firmly behind something which is really important to the vast majority of us and there’s no reason to believe that she’ll be lax in pursuing local issues. Rather her than the place-persons offered by the main parties who’ll make promises and then be off to Westminster to further their careers. They’ve had their chances and proved wanting.

  6. Col

    When I first saw the poster, I did a double take. First time I didn’t read it as an election poster. With all the NHS logos.
    Good question from Dunmore Resident, I suppose it is the current trend, to try and get the votes using a ‘policy’ that is widely in the news. The state of the NHS.

  7. Dunmore Resident

    From my reading around the current candidates,

    I see Dr Salisbury as a single issue candidate, who doesn’t seriously expect to get elected, but is just trying to raise the profile of the NHS ‘issue’.

    The current incumbent surely cannot expect to keep her marginal seat, given the rise of UKIP, and that she has all but ignored Abingdon’s local issues, and appears more interested in furthering her own Westminster career standing on various ‘talking shop’ committees, than representing her constituents.

    Labour as we all know are a non starter in the Abingdon seat.

    The Lib-Dem candidate seems to make the right noises, but is that really anything other than flannel.

    I’ve no doubt we have a UKIP candidate, (tho I’ve not looked further)who will probably ensure that the Conservative candidate doesnt get in due to vote splitting.
    But again, local issues are easy to talk about, but believing they actually have the influence to do something is another matter.

    All of this leads me to the depressing conclusion that none of the candidates really represent me, or Abingdon’s best interests. And if I had a choice I would pick none of them..

    So its best of a bad bunch really..

    I will vote, as I always do, and I look forward to being canvassed so I can hear what excuses they have, and what they really will promise to do for Abingdon, but I’m seriously not holding my breath for any answer that is worth more than hot air 🙁

  8. Alastair

    Have any of you actually stood for election or put yourselves in a position where you’re involved in community decision making?

    No, didn’t think so. All talk and no action. Like most of the hot-air-filled, useless, lower-middle class reprobates on here.


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