Conduit House door broken down

Conduit House
This morning (Sunday 25th Jan 2015) it was discovered that the door of Conduit House, an ancient monument on the corner of Albert Park, had been broken down.

The likely battering ram lay beside the door.

9 thoughts on “Conduit House door broken down

  1. Steve

    At the south-east corner of Albert Park, where Park Road and Park Crescent meet, there stands a small, hexagonal stone building. This is the Conduit House.

    This unusual building supplied the needs of the citizens of Ock Street at a time when water from other sources was not safe to drink. It stands in an area of plentiful natural springs which fed a cistern in the building, and the water was led thence downhill via stone channels. Its destination was a fountain in Ock Street.

    It is not known when the Conduit House was built. It belonged to Abingdon Abbey at the time of the Abbey’s dissolution in 1538, and then it passed to the Crown. In 1553 it, and the surrounding land, passed to the local charity, Christ’s Hospital. It is mentioned in the Amyce survey of Abingdon of 1554.

  2. Steve

    The on-going problem with vandalism around the park needs to be addressed, probably through CCTV at the three entrances to the park or thereabouts.

  3. Craig

    I think generally that Albert Park fares pretty well. Of course, there are the usual morons who seem incapable of putting litter in the bins but, with it being winter, this is less of an issue at the moment. I’m hoping this latest outbreak is just a one-off. Albert Park is a space to be treasured, as I’m sure the vast majority of Abingdonians do.

  4. daniel

    ….as long as…after we get CCTV, and we finally catch the rascals….we can wag our finger at them and ask that they don’t do it again. Sternly of course.

  5. Janet

    Abingdon has a problem with litter. It was dreadful in South Abingdon just after Christmas. I saw someone in a hi viz litter picking which is very much appreciated. Abingdon does not have a strong anti litter policy. The police are supposed to have the power to fine for littering. It would be interesting to see how many fines were issued in 2014. None I suspect. People feel that they are free to litter at will.

  6. John

    Three garage doors were smashed near the town centre the same weekend. Never mind CCTV, let’s start teaching our children to appreciate the peaceful and privileged lives they enjoy in this country and town, and that it is their responsibility to protect and care for other people’s property and all the good things in our community.


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