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Traffic at 5 pm through Abingdon

There was very heavy traffic heading into Abingdon at 5 pm today.

The queue into Abingdon stretched out of sight towards Culham on the A415.

The traffic was also heavy going up West St Helen Street.

More people must have returned to work and school in April 2021 and traffic looks close to pre-pandemic levels.

The traffic was at its quietest during the second week of the first lockdown. The recent lockdown saw a smaller reduction.

Lodge Hill Interchange Virtual Exhibition Open + today’s traffic problems

Lodge Hill Interchange Virtual Exhibition Open
The virtual exhibition is at and will be open until Monday 29th March.
Lodge Hill Interchange Virtual Exhibition Open
The exhibition has background information; drawings of the proposed road layout with two new roundabouts; and traffic calming measures on Sugworth Lane and Bagley Wood Road to try to stop people using them as a rat run to Oxford. Before leaving the exhibition people can leave feedback.

Subject to approval construction is expected from January 2022 to Summer 2023
Lodge Hill Interchange Virtual Exhibition Open
High winds led to fallen trees and branches overnight and throughout the day in Abingdon. One large branch brought down some electricity lines by the Drayton Road.
Lodge Hill Interchange Virtual Exhibition Open
Traffic was held up as a result.

Later on there was even worse traffic disruption in Abingdon. The Oxford Mail said this was due to flooding on the Marcham Road.

Reflections on Ock Street

Cars turn from Ock Street into Stratton Way, and are reflected in the shop window glass.

I stood watching until the traffic lights changed. The liquid amber trees can be seen beyond in The Square.
The Town Council have not yet said publically what form the remembrance ceremony will take. The big light-up poppies have been installed. Wreaths from the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII are still there at the war memorial.