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Sections of West and East St Helen Street re-tarmacked

Sections of West St Helen Street were re-tarmacked last Friday.

The longest section of new tarmac was down near St Helen’s Church.

This Thursday the paving machine was back laying fresh tarmac along East St Helen Street. A couple of rollers smoothed the surface.

The work was along a stretch of carriageway at the lower end of the street, not including the residents parking.

Traffic was kept off the road, giving pedestrians a rare chance to see East St Helen Street without cars.

Announcing St Helens Street closures (22nd and 28th) and NSPCC charity quiz (cancelled)

West St Helen Street will be closed for highway repairs on 22nd July (08:00 – 17:00). The flow at the Iron Bridge from St Helen’s Wharf will be reversed. The diversion is via Drayton Road and Ock Street. There will be no access to West St Helen Street car park

East St Helen Street will be closed for highway repairs on 28th July. The diversion is via Ock Street and Drayton Road.

The Charity Quiz Night for the NSPCC on 31st July. (cancelled = see comments)

Road Closure – plastic and bark chip diversions in place

Abingdon Cub Reporter Newcomer has discovered a new road closure. The road runs from Abingdon Bridge to Abingdon Lock. The road was cracked and potted, and the edges were uneven and caused ankle inversions and so maintenance was needed.

As a diversion there is a plastic track through a wheat field, for vehicles,

and a track with bark chipping, for pedestrians.

Abingdon Bridge traffic light holdups

I made a little video to show how the Abingdon Bridge traffic lights are causing problems. This was taken about 5 pm on a Friday. Traffic coming over the bridge from Culham often impedes traffic coming out of Abingdon. . The Abits system (implemented in 2007) was designed to hold traffic outside the centre for air quality reasons, but that has broken down because of the Abingdon Bridge traffic lights. The traffic fumes along Stert Street are a danger to public health.

The video is blurred to hide number plates.