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2/3rds resurfacing of double mini roundabout

Overnight work to resurface the double mini roundabout, at the junction of Drayton Road and Marcham Road, is two thirds done. The roundabouts themselves have been resurfaced and painted and the bottom of Spring Road has been resurfaced. The final night for work is tonight. This is the view after it was reopened this morning.
Lots of people on East and West St Helen Street, in the town centre, forgot that Monday had been a Bank Holiday and that the recycling collection was put back a day. Throughout Friday the pavements were stacked with bins and bags.

New Road Markings along the Northcourt Road

I spoke with Newcomer yesterday and he said it was a pleasure to cycle down the Northcourt Road with the new surface and road markings.
New Road Markings on the Northcourt Road
The fresh markings could not be clearer.
New Road Markings on the Northcourt Road
The Highway Code says “Double yellow lines mean no waiting at any time, unless there are signs that specifically indicate seasonal restrictions. “ There is not mistaking these double yellow lines whether straight or curved.
New Road Markings on the Northcourt Road
There are letterings, some of them familiar like the BUS STOP sign.
New Road Markings on the Northcourt Road
But this is the first time I have seen FOOTWAY across a junction where the footpath has to pass.

Does this give priority to the pedestrian over the vehicle?
New Road Markings on the Northcourt Road

Carriageway Resurfacing between sunset and sunrise (for 3 nights) at the double mini roundabout

carriageway resurfacing works
There have been a flurry of comments already about the carriageway resurfacing works at the double mini roundabout from September 3rd. This is for three nights between sunset and sunrise.

A letter went out to some residents saying ‘”…traffic from the A415 Marcham Road can pass through the works into the B4017 Drayton Road during all three shifts. No other manoeuvres will be possible, and this will be controlled by a set of two-way traffic lights. Diversions will be in place for anybody wanting to access Spring Road or Ock Street.’

This explains some but not all possible journeys through this complex junction.
Here is the sunset last night – viewed from West St Helen Street,
and here is the sunrise this morning – viewed from St Helen’s Wharf.

Taken the P

Taken the P
There have been two different road closures in Bath Street this year, first for gas mains, and more recently for resurfacing. Somebody pointed out the road markings, after all the roadworks, and said ‘Somebody has taken the P!‘.