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Stert Street Culvert Maintenance in progress

Stert Street was closed overnight to prepare for work on the culvert beneath. Contractors put up barriers and marked spots for new access holes to make it easier to reach the River Stert culvert underneath the footpath. The maintenance work and improvements will continue until May 16th, with another closure that night to remove the barriers. Traffic on the main road will not be affected, but the parking area outside 35-47 Stert Street (near Masons) will be used to store materials for the work.

For more information about this and other roadworks in Abingdon, view:

Work on upper Stert culvert begins

Abingdon Brewery Tour
As Captainkaos2 predicted work is starting on reinforcing the River Stert culvert that runs under Stert Street. He says “It’s due to last 8 weeks. Only the pavements will be dug up as new, reinforced manholes have already been installed. Looks like we can at last see the back of that dreadful barrier.”
Abingdon Brewery Tour
There are 2 large portacabins in Station Yard and two sections have been fenced off. Work on the lower Stert culvert was completed in 2012, but there has been a delay doing the upper part of the culvert.

There are lots of interesting pictures of the Underground Stert at Abingdon Buildings and People.

Jan 2015 Flood Fair report

Flood Mitigation
A flood and bad weather fair was put on by the Town Council at both Long Furlong  and Preston Road Community Centre.
Flood Mitigation
There was an array of ingenious gadgets designed to protect homes and possessions from floods.

There was the chance to pick up leaflets about what to do in the event of a flood, or other types of bad weather.
Flood Mitigation
The Environment Agency were also there to explain more about the three flood mitigation schemes being looked at for Abingdon.

Central government is now putting more money in to flood prevention, but expects more money from local partners in return.

Feasibility studies have already been done on the two simpler Abingdon schemes: to reduce flooding from the River Stert, and the River Ock at St Helens Mill. They could get the go ahead for design in Spring 2015.

During 2015 data would also be gathered to model the River Thames (Sandford to south of Mapledurham) and the River Ock Storage Area.

A River Ock flood storage area is the long term flood prevention proposed for Abingdon. It would hold back water outside Abingdon and release it more slowly.

Modelling would first show whether a flood storage area on the River Ock is viable. If viable then a feasibility study could begin in 2016.

The River Ock scheme will be looked at separately from the Oxford scheme, and for either scheme to go ahead they must demonstrate they will not make flooding worse downstream.