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2012: Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and flooding. 2013: Here We Come!

2012 quick look back
On Jan 1st the Town Crier kindly posed with the boots and sack as we walked round the 1556 Abingdon boundary.
February did celebrate Valentine’s Day but most people were already looking forward to the olympics.
March brought Mark Steele to town as part of the Abingdon Arts Festival.
In April people competed to see who could throw a bun the furthest and help the councillors during the diamond jubilee bun throw.
2012 quick look back
In May was the amazing Abingdon Air and Country Show.
In June was the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and James May came with various contraptions to help councillors throw buns. It poured with rain but we showed Dunkirk Spirit.
In July Abingdon Museum was re-opened, and the Olympic Torch was carried through Abingdon.
2012 quick look back
In September the postponed Dragon Boat Racing took place – postponed because the river was flooded earlier in the year. The year started with a drought and hose pipe ban.
October brought the Ock Street Fair.
November brought floods, and December brought yet more floods.
2012 quick look back
Throughout the year contractors have been working on the Abbey Shopping Centre. Their super human efforts will hopefully mean a Happy New Year for Abingdon with shops like M&S and Debenhams queuing up to be part of this wonderful town.

Solar Powered Christmas Trees not a shining success so far

solar powered Christmas Trees
The new solar powered Christmas trees have not been a shining success during their first Christmas in Abingdon.

I have seen a blue flicker from some of the trees positioned, next to far brighter street lights, on Abingdon Bridge, but don’t know if it is the sun or the streetlight giving them the energy for their faint flickerings.
solar powered Christmas Trees
Some other trees have not managed a flicker, that I have noticed, but then the sun has been like a stranger to us this Christmas. Lets hope things change before twelfth night.

Abingdon Town Centre Shop Changes in 2012

Flooding Continues
Press on Changes in 2012 for a bigger pdf version. Not a brilliant map and not to scale but it serves this yearly purpose.

Green is a shop that was vacant at the start of the year which is now occupied.
Yellow means a change of ownership.
Red is a vacant shop premises that was occupied at the start of the year.

Change in 2007 ( 6 green, 5 yellow, 10 red ) – Net Loss 4
Change in 2008 ( 10 green, 8 yellow, 13 red ) – Net Loss 3
Change in 2009 ( 9 green, 6 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Gain 3
Change in 2010 ( 9 green, 6 yellow, 5 red ) – Net Gain 3
Change in 2011 ( 2 green, 8 yellow, 5 red ) – Net Loss 3
Change in 2012 ( 6 green, 1 yellow, 7 red ) – Net Loss 1

Goodbye to: Thai Orchid Restaurant and Supermarket, The Florist and Bistro in Bath Street, The Snack Kiosk, the Toy Shop nearby, and Lemon Plaice in the shopping centre. YMCA also moved out but their building was knocked down so did not count – nor did the Calendar Shop.

Welcome to Buns in the Basement, Galaxy Techno, The New Nags Head, OX14 Deli, Qutis, and YbuYnu..

The man running Abindon Bowls retired, and so Outdoor Traders moved back in there creating a second outlet. A-Plan also moved to a larger premises, and are looking to Let their previous premises.

So really not such a bad year for Abingdon given the disruption caused by the redevelopment of the Abbey Shopping Centre. Let me know if I forgot anything important.

Flooding Continues – two days on

Flooding Continues
The level of the flood water has remained high over the last 48 hours, and the blue floodgate by St Helen’s Wharf is still needed. I don’t think either river got quite as high as last month but the spread of water over the flood plain is less predictable.
Flooding Continues
Water continues to pour under Maud Hale’s Bridge, and any other opening. Tomorrow’s match at Abingdon Town F.C has been called off as the pitch is under a foot or more of water.
Flooding Continues
The causeway to Culham has water on both sides.
Flooding Continues
There is a watery view back across the fields from the causeway to Abingdon School boathouse, the Marina, and Wilsham Road.
Flooding Continues
Along Wilsham Road there is still some way to go before the boats are at the same level as the cars.
Flooding Continues
But nobody is risking their car at the Marina car park at present. Water continues to pour through the gate with some force.

(More pictures on facebook where I created a page to hold surplus pictures.)