New Bakery coming soon

New Bakery
After two weeks away on summer holidays, the first change I noticed on coming home was that the ex Abingdon News plus is getting ready to re-open as a shop selling ‘oven fresh savouries‘ and ‘cakes and treats‘. It has been furnished and painted and awaits a sign.
New Bakery
Good to see that work is also well underway at the Crown and Thistle, following my previous report which was seen as irresponsible in some quarters.

While on holiday I had a very select group of two people following my tweets from ‘Not Abingdon‘ . I have just got my suitcase back after bringing home a suitcase identical to mine. The other suitcase owner made the same mistake when we got back to Oxford in the dark. It was a case of mistaken suitcases.

14 thoughts on “New Bakery coming soon

  1. Rolf

    You’re back!!! yay! 🙂 hope you had a nice break. There was an interesting article in this weeks Herald about the empty shops in the Abbey Shopping Centre.

  2. Craig

    I didn’t realise how much I missed your musings until they were no longer there – welcome back and I hope the holiday was good.

  3. Iain

    Wasnt that the plot to the film, whats up doc? If it’s any consolationi think the luggage losing hero ends up getting the girl 🙂

  4. Newcomer

    ‘… my previous report which was seen as irresponsible in some quarters …’

    Ridiculous that it’s come to our politicians not trusting the electorate. Don’t change your ways, Backstreeter. The town needs access to the true story.

  5. GJ

    Newcomer is spot on. Perhaps one of these “quarters” could explain what was irresponsible e.g. was the content incorrect. It would also be interesting to know what the solution was that enabled the renovation to continue.

  6. oldtimerx2

    I agree with GJ – who said the previous article was irresponsible ? and on what grounds ? and what has prompted the refurb to re-start ? Will anyone answer these questions I wonder ??

  7. Iain

    As per previous comment i logged on the blog. I’m afraid it is not appropriate for tge council to comment on the detail of a commercial negotiation whilst discussions are ongoing.

    I can confirm, and i think it has been reported in both local papers, that we had a very positive meeting with the representatives of Oakman Inns a couple of weeks ago. I think both the Council and I believe Oakman are now confident that we can reach an agreement that will meet the objectives of both parties.

  8. Piers Fallowcherry

    Apologies if my comment appears more than once: the attempts disappeared in a purple funk after submitting.

    Anyway, regarding the Crown & Thistle dispute, the CEO of Oakman Inns, Peter Borg-Neal added a comment to the sprightly thread that followed the original “irresponsible” post on here. The comments section does not appear to allow me to link to it directly but you can find it in the June archive.

    My own view is that the Borg-Neal contribution is gracious and in keeping with what I noticed when I went along to the sale of fixtures and fittings some time ago: that Oakman Inns are taking care of the legacy staff very well. Rare these days.

    Welcome back, by the way.

  9. GJ

    There seems to have been an incredible amount of time and effort, and probably cost, put into this issue. Why didn’t the council just accept that they were getting money for nothing, the photo on the original blog showed a complete lack of maintenance of the shared access, instead of, mistakenly, looking for some easy money. This is a very bad way to “welcome” a new, much needed, investor into the town.

  10. Holly

    You will be interested to know there is to be a recruitment day in September for al positions in readiness for the exciting launch of the crown @thistle watch this space and scan local papers in the coming weeks


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