Planting a Bee Friendly Flower Bed in the Abbey Grounds

Flower Bed for Bees
Next to the public toilets in the Abbey Meadows, the Abingdon Carbon Cutters have planted bee friendly flowers.
Flower Bed for Bees
Plants chosen are easy to grow and full of nectar to feed bees, and are chosen to flower at different times throughout the season.  For more about how to plant to attract bees, and other things the Carbon Cutters do, see Abingdon Carbon Cutters (Bee Friendly Flowers can be found under the food menu on their site.)

1 thought on “Planting a Bee Friendly Flower Bed in the Abbey Grounds

  1. Janet

    I have seen some nice butterflies in my garden this year. I do hope that they make a comeback. Fruit trees are blossoming well to make up for last year. If anyone could tell me how to get rid of the starlings that decimate my cherries I would be grateful. Don’t mind the odd bird but starlings swoop on mass and have every cherry on the tree. Dratted things


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